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Sitting posture and platform are two items some of us take for granted. Yet, in our workplaces, gaming rooms, or at home, we spend lots of time seated.

The unfortunate results we often face out of it are bad backs, neck strains, and sometimes a headache.

Well, the issues might not be the long hours of sitting on that couch playing your favourite esport game or office doing some work but your chair.

How comfortable, accommodative, or flexible is your chair? Now, this is what concerns the ZQRacing.

ZQRacing is a top-rated chair producing company known for its ultimate explosion into what comfortable sitting is.

It has a wide selection of most adorable chairs that suites either office, home, or gaming environment. The ZQRacing chairs offer absolute comfort; flexibility is quite accommodative.
In this review, we will be looking are key features and elements you need to know about these chairs.

Key Features of ZQRacing chairs

ZQRacing has two main categories of chairs; the home & office chair and gaming chair. Despite having their distinctive feature characteristics, still, they bear particular feature similarities identifying them as ZQRacing chairs.

Key among these features include the following.

  • Optimum body support: The ZQRacing chair bears an elegant design featuring quality backrest, which is extensive, accommodative, and conforming to your natural human backbone curve. It also features quality padding on the sitting area, armrests, back, and neck.
  • Lifetime Warranty: There is also a lifetime warranty on the frame of the chair (Lifetime Structural Frame Warranty) 
  • 5 Dual caster wheels: Any of the ZQRacing chairs come with a 5 star base for more support and dual smooth-rolling caster wheels to ease movements.
  • Adjustable features: You can always adjust the seat height, armrest positions, and the backrest angle.
  • Aesthetic design and functionality: This is the best chair you can get to ease your fatigue as for unmatched quality comfort. It comes with convenience features you want for a ‘racing throne.’
  • Premium design material (In and out): They consist of a steel frame which is strong enough for support, a high-density mould shaping foam, heavy-duty vegan PU leather.
  • 2-Year warranty on the whole chair
  • Note that individual chairs might have better and highly advanced features compared to others.

    Let look at the ZQRacing chair categories in detail to give you a clear picture and an insight into what you need.

    Categories of ZQRacing chair

    ZQRacing chair is an umbrella name under which it consists of two main types of the chair; the home & office chair and gaming chair. To understand either of these better, let’s look at each of them independently.

    Home & office chairs

    As their name suggests, these are specially designed ergonometric chairs that best suites either home or office environments.

    To remain highly productive in your office work, you need a highly comfortable chair that supports you even with long hours of sitting.

    Apart from the general ZQRacing features they have, these chairs are mainly available white, grey, and black colour – no fancy details.

    Currently, There Top series chairs under this category are Saturn Series and HyperSport Console. These come with quality fabric, soft and highly durable. They are quite affordable and luxurious.

    Gaming Chair

    This category is the biggest. It consists of other sub-categories that equally have their district feature description.

    The main sub-categories here include;

    The Classic Fit

    These come with an ideal body type. Meaning they are slim and average in their design. They comprise of Gamer Series chairs, V6 Racer series, and Hero series.

    Their price rates are considerably low hence highly affordable. However, they bear the classic look you may want in your gaming.

    Big on comfort

    These chairs also come with an ideal body; slim, and average; however, are more aesthetic.

    They are highly sturdy and comes with a see-able padding design.

    They are ever ready to put you in the game mood with their cool finish touch. They comprise of Hyper Sport Series and Hyper Sport Console series.

    Wide and Tall   

    Accurately as their name describes, these are wide and tall chairs. You may need this if you are of big body size. They come with more reinforced steel to support heavyweights. The chair series under this include;

    • Alien Series
    • Alien XL series
    • Ultra series

    Unique colour and styles

    These comprise specially designed gaming chairs exhibiting the best design for both office and gaming environments. They bear average classy look to suite either use.

    They comprise;

    • Viper Series
    • Overdrive Series
    • Special and limited series

    With a keen search, you can always find the best chair you want in the market. ZQRacing has a long line of chairs you will want to try out. They guarantee unmatched comfort and durability in their chair productions and always give ready support whenever you need it. 

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