What Gaming Chairs do Pros Use? (2020 – UPDATED)

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What gaming chairs do pros use?

This is a question that both amateur and pro gamers ask on a regular basis. Why is that? Because most gamers are always ruining their gaming experiences and risking their health by using standard chairs for long gaming sessions.

Given that the road to becoming a pro gamer consists of grueling practice that usually runs up to 10 hours or more, it’s imperative that the chair is able to offer exceptional comfort and support.

In fact, the key influence in pro gamers’ success is using high-quality gaming chairs as they are able to focus entirely on gaming rather than get distracted by extreme discomfort, pain, numbness, and fatigue.

If you’ve done your research on some of the most popular gamers in the world, you must have noticed that almost all of them use pro gaming chairs.

Today, we look into three pro gamers and the kind of chairs they use during their gaming sessions.

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Gaming Chairs Used by 3 Most Popular Professional Gamers in the World

1. Ninja (Tyler Blevins)- MAXNOMIC Dominator Gaming Office & Esports Chair

Ninja is currently one of the most popular gamers in the world right now. The 28-year-old is a professional gamer, YouTuber, Streamer, and internet personality.

Although he had been in the game for quite some time, he didn’t achieve much fame and success until October 2017 when he started playing the Fortnite Battle Royale.

Right before moving from his streaming Twitch profile to Mixer, Ninja had garnered a whopping 14 million followers and was the most followed gamer on the platform.


A lot of people have been asking, “what gaming chair does Ninja use?

Well, from his streaming videos, Ninja currently uses a custom-designed chair called Maxnomic Gaming Chair by NeedforSeat. You can see the chair’s name and his name written on the chair’s backrest.

Earlier on in his career, Ninja often used standard office chairs before transitioning to professional gaming chairs like the Tecni, DXRacer, and AKracing chairs.

So what makes the Maxnomic Gaming Chair special?

Well, the chair comes with all the features any pro gamer would want in a gaming chair.

First, the chair has an ergonomic design that accommodates all gamers despite their size or body shape.

The backrest is quite tall so taller users should find them comfortable. Plus its width is large enough to accommodate big and heavy users.

To cater for people with different heights, the chair also features a height-adjustable cylinder that can be adjusted up and down.

There is also a reclining and tilt mechanism that lets you lean back for comfort and relaxation.

As far as comfort is concerned, the Maxnomic Gaming Chair offers amazing comfort all day long.

This is all thanks to its ergonomic design and a cold-cured foam padding that lets you enjoy luxurious comfort while increasing the durability of this chair.

It comes in a wide range of colors and is covered in a premium PU leather material that is not only comfortable and durable but also easy to clean.

Overall, the Maxnomic Gaming Chair is one of the Most popular gaming chairs out there and the fact that it’s used by one of the most popular gamers in the world is a huge bonus. It doesn’t come cheap but it’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Alpha Premium Gaming Chair-PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg who is also known online as PewDiePie is another popular gamer and YouTuber.

Between 2013-2019, PewDiePie’s Youtube Channel ranked top as the most subscribed channels, making him the most popular Youtuber at the time.

The gamer primarily created the channel with the purpose of posting his Let’s Play action video and horror videos.

The gamer currently has over 103 million subscribers, which ranks him the second most subscribed.

His videos have currently hit a staggering 24 billion views, making his channel the 13th most viewed Youtube channel.

As a professional gamer, PewDiePie must have used numerous chairs for his gaming sessions before finally deciding to custom-design his chair.

His gaming chair brand, Clutch Chairz, offers some of some great models like the Throttle Series Alpha Gaming Chair.

This particular model is the largest chair in the lineup. The chair boasts of a wide design and a larger, thicker seat space which makes it a perfect choice for big and tall gamers.

It also comes with 4D armrests with extra-large arm pads that provide you with ultimate comfort.

This chair also includes a lumbar and headrest cushion for proper spinal alignment and neck support.

Because this chair is designed by a professional gamer, it surely takes into accounts all the needs of a gamer, and this is what makes it so incredibly special.

Its build is sturdy and durable, plus it can accommodate massive amounts of weight. It’s a chair worth investing in.

3. Shroud- Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Michael Grzesiek, famously known by his professional name, Shroud, is a popular Canadian streamer and a former professional player of Counter-Strike: Global Defense, Rainbow Six Siege, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, and other games.

Shroud currently has a total of 5.78 million subscribers and over 547 million views on his YouTube channel.

In 2019, Shroud won The Game Award for Content Creator of the Year, further increasing his popularity.

Shroud has used quite several gaming chairs in the past, including the Maxnomic Pro Gaming chair.

However, he seems to have shifted to an ergonomic office chair, the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair.

The Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair is ranked as one of the most expensive office chairs, and that can be a little bit discouraging for many gamers.

But even with its hefty price tag, this chair, and the entire Herman Miller lineup is constantly praised for its durability, comfort, back support, and a wide range of advanced functions.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Aeron chair does a great job preventing back pain and improving posture.

The backrest is designed in a way that allows your spine to stay in proper alignment, while at the same time maintaining the natural forward tilt of your pelvis.

Also included are adjustable pads that help keep the base of your spine stable while providing additional lumbar support.

The tilt mechanism allows you to rock back and forth as doing so enhances balance while reducing strain on your back.

At first glance, the chair is well-built and durable, and the breathable mesh back makes it all the more comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

Because the model does not have a one-size-fits-all, the Aeron comes in three different sizes. This allows gamers with varying body sizes to find the most perfect fit.

What Makes a Good Pro Gaming Chair

A good gaming chair allows you to sit upright with your back supported by the high, extra padded backrest, instead of slouching. When you sit down, it takes the shape of your body.

It properly aligns your spine which not only prevents back pain but also improves posture.

Pro gamers understand all this, which is why they invest in some of the Top chairs there are in the market.

· Ergonomic Design

Not all gaming chairs are created equally. As far as ergonomics are concerned, some chairs are built with the user’s body shape and comfort needs in mind.

 Pro gaming chair features an ergonomic design that encourages proper posture, enhance comfort, support, and eliminates the risk of developing back pain and other related issues.

This is a chair that has a high backrest that supports your back, a backrest with ample padding for comfort, and removable headrest and lumbar cushions for added support and comfort.

The chair must also conform to your body shape, especially your back to ensure your spine is well supported.

Gaming chair's seats are also designed to conform to the shape of your butt.

They include high-quality foam that is not only comfortable, but also highly supportive of your lower back, hip joints, and sacroiliac joint.

The seat also provides excellent support to your thighs and legs while enhancing circulation, thus preventing numbness and discomfort in the legs.

· Reclining Function

Gaming for 8-10 hours straight is no joke, especially when the chair you’re using is cheap and non-ergonomic.

The reclining function of pro gaming chairs is one of the most important features as it helps gamers relax and ease the strain on their backs from long gaming sessions.

Some gaming chairs can recline down to 180 degrees which is the perfect position for taking a short nap between gaming sessions.

Reclining also helps improve circulation to your legs and feet so you won’t feel numb at the end of the day.

Modern gaming chairs also have a locking mechanism that lets you easily rock your body back and forth.

This is a great feature as it also helps reduce pressure on your spine while letting you relax.

· Adjustable Functions

Gaming chair must be fully adjustable.

This means that you should be able to adjust the armrests, backrest height, and recline, as well as seat height.

The adjustability of a gaming chair allows different users to find a comfortable level.

For example, both tall and short gamers should be able to adjust the seat height till they find a position that allows their eyes to be on the same level as their computer.

· Sturdy Construction and Durability

Pro gaming chairs are well-loved by professionals not just because of the exceptional comfort and support they offer, but also because they are built to offer many years of service.

The materials used to construct these chairs are of the highest quality. The bases and frames are constructed with high-quality steel material that gives it excellent stability and durability.

Pro gaming chairs are also stuffed with premium foam that doesn’t flatten out over time.

The upholstery is usually made up of premium PU leather or fabric that is long-lasting and easy to clean.

What Gaming Chairs do Pro Gamers Use? –Verdict

Honing your skills as a gamer can be a daunting task if the chair you’re using does not offer comfort and support.

The fatigue, discomfort, numbness, and back pain can not only be distracting but can also ruin your health in the long run.

The fact that these professional gamers have invested in some of the best quality gaming chairs is a clear indicator that you need the best to be the best.

Becoming a professional gamer may not be easy, but using a quality gaming chair will surely put you in the frontline to becoming one. 

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