Vertagear Gaming Chairs Review: The Top Best Models to Choose

Only a few years from their launch, back in 2015, and they are already rocking. The Vertagear gaming chairs results from great creativity from the combined minds of specialists.

It is out of the collaboration among furniture specialists, computer hardware experts, designers, and even gamers that resulted in such an ergonometric chair as of Vertagear.

The original idea behind their models was to provide a chair that will serve you without any limits.

Before extending further into this discussion, it is right to know this one important fact. The Vertagear Gaming Chairs are of two series, and each bears the Vertagear brand name. One is the Vertagear Racing Series. This chair offers dual functionality.

It conveniently server both as office and gaming chair. It bears a prudent design for all these purposes. The other is the Vertagear Gaming Series.

Their primary purpose is gaming. They come with quality high-end features those that not only adds comfort but great flexibility as well.

Like any other brand out there, vertagear gaming chair series have distinguishing features unique to their construction. Let's look at some of these.

Key features of Vertagear Gaming Chairs series


Each series in the line of Vertagear chairs come with its distinctive features. The one series which suits both workplace and gaming scenarios comes with a lot more quality features than the other.

Their make incorporates premium materials which not only offer comfort but exceptional durability. They also come with LED lighting features and above all an exceptionally professional design.

Vertagear Gaming Series only comes with comfort features and looks more casual in its make. However, that does not mean they are lesses efficient.


Either of these chair series is great performers. Their construction involves premium materials combined with great creativity for ultimate performance.

They ensure heavyweight and last quite long when adequately maintained.


What brings comfort in any gaming chair relates so much to the design and the material used in its construction.

The vertagear has its chairs designed with high-quality padding materials covering all the support areas of the chair; the arm, back, and the headrest. The material here is high-density foam whose design conforms well with the body.

Typically gaming for fanatics takes even the entire day. However, with chairs from Vertagear, you will be able to experience absolute comfort throughout – no instances of backpains.


Not all vertagear chairs are equal in terms of their design and performance nature. Like in most series, models range from entry-level, intermediate and the high-end.

The top best also referred to as the high end tend to have more excellent functioning quality and even structure than the others. You will found out more about these later in this review.

However, all models from Vertagear are of exceptional performance in their service.

With these few essential facts about vertagear chairs, lets now dive into reviewing each series involved.

Vertagear Racing Series: An ideal Design for Office and Gaming

The vertagear Racing Series describes a line of ergonometric designed chairs best for gaming and also office work. They are fully supportive, comfortable, and highly flexible for movements in your room.

Their original design was to create a chair with a difference; those that would be essential for both work and gaming scenarios.

They are always ready to elevate the kind of game experience you do have in your sitting – with that it so much emphasize on comfort and efficiency.

Vertagear Racing Series offers two verticle models; the P-Line (PL) models and the S-Line (SL) models. Let's begin the S-Line model.

Vertagear S-Line (SL) Gaming Chair Reviews

1. Vertagear SL2000 Gaming/Office Chair

Despite being an entry-level chair in the S-Line (Racing) Series, the Vertagear SL2000 model is one of the best gaming/office chairs you can ever have.

You will find it in a variety of color combination totaling up to 11 and with some spectacular operational features.

It has one of the profoundly built chairs featuring high-quality material. Its structure consists of:

  • A steel frame
  • A highly adaptive Ultra Premium HR Resilience Foam
  • A reinforced 5-star base – designed from a heavy-duty aluminum alloy
  • PU coated caster wheels which glide smoothly and softly.
  • Its headrest compose of an additional foam acting as a pillow for more support
  • It's lumbar also has an extra cushioning to support the lumbar.
  • In totality, it is a supermodel one can get if they intend to enjoy their gaming or office work. A pro fact about it is that it supports up to a maximum weight of 300 Ibs.

    Negative reviews from clients claim they have a smaller seat size and its wheels are neither smooth not soft as expected.

    2. Vertagear SL4000

    The Vertagear SL4000 is an improvement from the SL2000 model. It comes with similar features as the SL2000 only for a few. The top one is about is a color combination.

    It only has six. Also, it comes with a larger seat size which makes it a little more accommodative for large size bodies, up to 5’11”. Another additional feature is its “slide-in” design feature.

    It not only makes it more elegant but makes it easy and possible its installation procedure. One person can therefore comfortably set it up.

    The Vertagear SL4000 comes with improved armrests – structurally contoured to conform with your hand and cushioned keep it all comfortable and relaxed.

    You can adjust it higher or lower in terms of height just to enhance your comfort. Other features like lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are all similar to those of the SL2000 model. The only drawback fact about it is that it can only support weight up to 200 Ibs.

    3. Vertagear SL5000 Gaming/Office Chair

    This model is the leading/ best in the S-Line Series. However, that does not make it any extremely expensive than the rest in its category of selection.

    It bears all the key features of the SL4000 model with only a few additional features. Unlike the rest, it only comes with four color combinations.

    Also, it has a high-grade PVC leather making it quite outstanding with its ultimate durability.
    Like the SL4000, this model comes with easily adjustable armrest designed with contouring make to conform to your hands’ shape.

    Its mechanical structure composes of easy to set up components thus requires not more than one person. Among these components are the stylish PU coated casters which glide so smoothly on varied surface types.

    Vertagear P-Line (PL) Gaming Chair Reviews 

    The P-Line series is another great gaming chair that can conveniently serve you in a work scenario.

    The models under P-Line all bear aggressive design to make remarkable your gaming experience. Below is the review of its models.

    1. Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair

    The PL4500 model is one of the vertagear most ergonometric design models with all the quality features you would prefer in your gaming. If you look it carefully, you will see it is more of an upgrade of the S-Line series models. However, the few additional features make it a little more different and useful.
    Among its most outstanding features include the following;

  • A unique, high-quality padding all around it; the neck rest pillow, armrest, and lumbar support
  • A silver lining all around it, which helps in controlling lousy odor and eliminating any bacteria as of its anti-bacterial properties.
  • The rest of features such as adjustable armrest smooth-rolling casters are available, and they make the entire chair quite useful for either gaming or work.

    If you so wish, you can select whichever kit you want for your chair either RGB or LED to make your chair glow in the dark.

    2. Vertagear PL6000 Gaming Chair

    Considering the rest of the chairs in its category, the Vertagear PL6000 is the most advanced model that will offer you the most excellent experience in gaming.

    It bears a decently amazing design characterized by spectacular well functioning features.

    One of its topping feature is its black/camouflage shade which matches well with its robust structure contributed by steel metal.

    If you imagine playing your race game in this golden chair, then you would win Call Of Duty WW2 soon before even you begin.

    The laxity it offers comes from its remarkable features which enables you to spin, roll via its smooth casters to whichever direction, adjust armrest to mention the important ones.

    With its high weight carrying capacity, up to 400 kilograms and spacious sitting space, this chair can be the right model you’ve been looking for.

    It comes with the “slide-in” feature, which makes its installation procedure quite easy and only requires an individual.

    Vertagear Gaming Series: Special Designs for Gaming

    Apart from a few structural differences you can see, it is quite hard differentiating clearly between the Racing and the Gaming chairs unless you test them out. All of them look stunning and ergonometric designed however, the moment you seat on any you will feel the difference.

    As their names describe, the Racing series chairs fit both office and gaming environments from their design. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, bears only those suitable features a gamer would prefer and find much more convenient.

    For instance, it is only with the gaming chairs that you can find the paddle shifters. Under the armrests, you will find them. They conveniently enable you to make position adjustments from where you sit.

    You can, therefore, increase its height, backrest angle, and armrest height without any much effort.

    Vertagear has three models in the Gaming series; the Triigger 350 Special Edition, Triigger 350 and Triigger 275 models. Below is a review on each.

    1. Vertagear Triigger 275

    The Triigger 275 model is an entry-level design chair in this collection but still a great competitor with other top models.

    One unique factor about it is the use of a reinforced DuPont TPEE Mesh. It maintains the retention of the chair and enhances the mesh’s lifespan. Its skeleton structure consists of a steel alloy combining manganese and silicon.

    Thus, it maintains a perfect balance whenever the chair is reclining. It is quite ideal make for gamers who wish to adjust their seat, backrest and armrest heights. Its calfskin leather covering all around it adds a great touch to its entire presentation.

    2. Vertagear Triigger 350

    This chair is quite distinct from its more transparent backrest. Unlike the typical padded design, it comes with a net material which makes it more breathable.

    It features sturdy aluminum allow structure which gives it the sturdiness to support even large weights and withstand them for long.

    It’s a strong structure in addition to its quality material covering and padding; the chair offers a 10-year warranty.

    For comfort, it leaves nothing unturned. Its Dual Spring Hub is superior and functions robustly in offering the best comfortable support to your weight.

    3. Trigger 350 Special Edition

    Despite its optional headrest feature, the Triigger 350 Special Edition is never a costly model.

    However, in a selection of the top best gaming chair, you will never miss it. All credits go to its excellent paint job, fantastic mechanisms and calfskin leather.

    They are available in either red or black color, and all use the trigger 350 technology which automates all the adjustments.

    It comes in a neat finish composing of an excellent design featuring a DuPont TPEE mesh, an aluminum alloy frame and a lightweight of only 25Kgs. You can quickly identify it with its Special Edition Label.

    Final Thoughts

    Up to this point, probably you have your choice on these chairs already. Knowing which to buy is more of a personal preference since the buying factors vary sometimes.

    If you need to go for the high-end designs then it will mean that you spend a lot. Again you must consider whether you want it for work or gaming.

    Most vertagear Gaming Chairs will undoubtedly fit your gaming needs. However, you must fully be aware of those your needs.

    The most common and cheaply available vertagear models are the S-Lines series. If you have a low budget you can go for them.

    However again, tall and big people with a higher budget should consider PL6000 Gaming Chairs they will be more relevant and accommodative of them.

    More selection preferences will mainly depend on you so chose wisely.

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