Secretlab Titan review

When sampling a list of the best type of gaming chairs in 2019,
Secretlab titan misses. The high-end ergonometric design chair is exclusively outstanding in its performance right from the time you begin utilizing it.

thanks to Secretlab, a highly reputable company with significant expertise in producing world-class gaming necessities. 

According to the Better Health Channel article endorsed by the Fitness Australia, prolonged sitting especially in uncomfortable positions may not only bring you back pains only.

You can either develop cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, among other severe illnesses.

But is it delightful playing for only thirty minutes then taking an hour’s interval break?

A real fanatic would say no!

Thus, Secretlab Titan chair is right here to save you. Its manufacturer had the exact mind of a computer gamer how to make that which would suit every sitting/ movement required for a gaming chair.

Product Description

Just from its decent look, the Secretlab Titan chair bears some of the exclusive features making it an outstanding model as well as design highly recommendable. First, with it you will notice the beautiful designer’s logo, ‘T’ well put on its backrest and ‘Secret Lab’ at its head area all on its high-quality PU leather cover.

The chair comes with a five-star base design consisting of smoothly rolling wheels supported by reinforced supports of aluminum material. Thus, making it a highly stable design that which would support weights of up-to 290Ibs.

The provision to back tilting is all available. You can lean the chair’s backrest to any angle between 85 to 165 degrees. At these varied angles, you will still have your entire body supported and aligned to the chair.

When it comes to its size, it’s all accommodative. Anybody size of between 170 cm and 195 centimeters can accurately and comfortably fit in it. Thus, you do not worry if your size that much. Those you are too tall or short can as well still utilize its item. With its adjustable feature, you can either increase or reduce the chair’s height to fit your preferences.

It’s well integrated 4D armrest design adds more specialty to it. This feature means that you can adjust it as well into four directions, both vertically and horizontally. It might seem like an essential feature but remember you need it to have your armrest positions customized to your preferences.

Another highly distinct feature about this gaming essential is the lumbar support mechanism. It works with an adjustment button on the backrest’s right side.

Last but not least, the chair can turn through 360 degrees. You are thus making your movements to reach other gaming items around you much more manageable.

Product Specification

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Titan Softweave model
  • Colors: Charcoal Blue or Cookies & Crème
  • Use: gaming/ office
  • High-density foam type
  • Backrest: Length/ width: 34 IN/ 23 IN
  • Steel frame construction
  • Logo Stitched
  • Adjustable 4-Directional soft PU coated Armrests
  • Mechanism Type: Multi-tilt
  • Has a tilt angle lock
  • Class 4 Heavy Duty Hydraulics Gas Piston
  • Reclining angles between 85 degrees and 165 degrees
  • An adjustable inbuilt Cushioned Lumbar
  • Reinforced Aluminum Base
  • Weight: 77lbs
  • Maximum Load: less than 290lbs
  • Height Adjustment: Max. 3.5”
  • Key Features

    The adjustable armrest of 4D type offering the uses maximum flexibility.
    Reclining feature of its backrest makes it much more comfortable
    The reformed aluminum base adds excellent stability to its user.

    The adjustable lumbar cushioning feature is paramount to it as it helps provide more support for the entire body. This feature too works similarly to its headrest.

    The seat height is adjustable and can accommodate both the tall as well as the short with no inconvenience. The highest it can go is 3.5’’.

    Its seat is of the high-density form which serves long enough.

    The chair comes with a seat size of 22 IN and a depth of 21 IN making it large enough to accommodate even those with large body sizes.

    The Secretlab Titan chair comes with a two year warranty period policy which allows replacements or refund.


    • Highly comfortable 
    • Flexible
    • Durable
    • Steady
    • Easy to install


    • Uncomfortable
    • Short-term

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Secretlab Titan chair, not the others?

    When beauty and decency combine with high technology, flexibility, and durability, the result is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair.

    Meaning, despite other chairs having resembling features, still this Secretlab model and design stand out to be highly effective, supportive, flexible and above all, affordable as one of the gaming essentialities. Its extra coziness is merely exceptional.

    Where can I buy an original model?

    Both in physical as well as online shops, you can find the very original designs of these chairs. Just be cautious of where since today con people are all over. That way, you will be safe and promised to enjoy its outstanding operation.

    How do I go about installation?

    The chair comes with a user manual, which documents every detail of the installation procedure. Ensure to follow the steps keenly to avoid causing any damages out of wrong assembling.

    How long can it last me?

    With proper care, this chair can last more than you expect. The chair’s design is that consisting of high-quality materials and enforcement.
    Otherwise, the product comes with a two-year warranty policy which permits chances of replacements and refunds in case you do not find the item useful.

    Buying Advice

    Place all your purchase orders only to reliable suppliers. Avoid buying from anybody who sells, find out their reputations and validity of their products. It is also so that you can be sure of purchasing the very right item.


    Playing your computer games from a more relaxed position not only allows you to enjoy the game but also saves your health. Secretlab Titan gaming chair is one unique design bearing top features which gives its users great comfort no matter how long they sit on them.

    By purchasing the original design of it, you will enjoy all its pioneering features, including durability and ultimate flexibility. Always take your time to get one which best measures your preferences.

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