12 Hand-picked Best Gaming Desks for The Ultimate Experience

Gaming, like wine, gets better with age. That explains why the gaming arsenal you adored at age 7 wouldn't pass for your worst enemy's present this year.

The finest gaming desks today have specifications beyond your wildest dreams.

They are made from sturdy material, in mind-blowing shapes and sizes, have endless storage possibilities, and offer a myriad of off-the-desk solutions to revitalize your daily gaming grind.

Though games existed over 50 years ago, the thought of placing your gaming console on a tempered glass desk was unheard of.

But today, the sacredness of the gamer's comfort is the priority. No matter the cost!

In spite of all these ultra-stylish designs, one fact stands; one gamer's glitter is another one's gutter. This controversy inspires gaming desk designers for greater designs, and that's where we come in.

From sampling various gaming desks, we settled on 12 whose specifications turned out awe-inspiring.

The first 6 though assuming the old rectangular shape, have provisions that up to your game against your opponent.

The next 6 are L-shaped, commonly known as corner desks. They have space you won't believe possible to take advantage of.

Choose whether to own one every few months then pass it on to a needy opponent before ordering for the next. Besides, that's the gist of ultimate gaming.

Atlantic Original Gaming Desk Pro

Entering your gaming throne shouldn't disconnect you from the outer world. That's the assurance given by Atlantic Original Gaming Desk pro.

The desk comes with a charging stand for your smartphone, under-desk gadget holder, and cup-holder for throughout-the-game refreshment.

Add to that a spacious elevated monitor stand, game storage, speaker stand, headphone hook, and controller stand. Everything you need to win the game sits within arm-reach without trespassing on your work life.

The steel X-leg construction ensures unbeatable sturdiness for all your gaming peripherals throughout your gaming grind.
No chances of crumbling down when the game gets tough!

You have a 40.25 x 23.5-inch play-space made from carbon fiber laminated top with the curved front for continuous arm comfort.

Taking into consideration your want to retain your great gaming chair, the desk's height; 29.5 inches, adequate for both short and tall people without the need to edit any bit of your gaming life.

Weighing 43.5 pounds, the Atlantic gaming desk can hold up to 40 pounds of distributed weight without bowing to pressure. Remember to keep the monitor on its designated throne for uncompromised service.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Coming home in multiple pieces, assembling the Arozzi Arena Gaming desk may seem a daunting task. Don't let the bits shake you. Setting it up is easy.

The desk has 176-pounds carrying capacity, enough for all your gaming wealth courtesy of its all-steel structure.

It promises never to wobble even when shifted about in search of a perfect spot in your apartment. Don't miss the height adjusting opportunity hidden in the feet.

It helps stabilize the desk and may come hardy if you keep your old gaming chair. Loosen the feet screws to add the height.

Arozzi gaming desk comes with a gaming-inspired microfiber cloth to cover the 63 x 32.2-inch tabletop from end-to-end. Your arms are protected from cold steel.

Being a rare 31 inches off the ground, you have all the necessary space for any gaming chair you wish to use for an ultimate gaming experience.

ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Very few stunning gaming desks can vouch for your health the way AppexDesk Elite Series standing desk does.

Courtesy of its height adjusting opportunity, this gaming desk allows you to choose whether to stand or sit while working or gaming.

This not only promotes your health but also increases your productivity. Its adjustability is made possible by a programmable controller set to raise the tabletop through 4 levels according to your immediate posture needs.

The ergo-shaped tabletop has a deep contour at the front to allow you to get close enough to your office essentials and prevent back strain while trying to reach out to them.

It is 71 inches long and 29 inches wide for the deepest part of the curve, otherwise 33 inches wide.

It's made of a one-inch thick MDF board with an anti-scratch smooth matte finishing and industrial-grade steel frame to deliver matchless stability. That explains the 60 pounds weight.

Though its price and absence of keyboard tray may deter a few gamers, the fact that it has over 200 pounds carrying capacity, caring for all your gaming peripherals and their relatives makes the latter easy to forgive.

Its one-piece center beam has the necessary stamina to keep everything on top so you can focus on bringing down your opponent's city.

For extra comfort, the desk has no crossbar allowing more legroom when you sit.

It is one of the easiest gaming desks to assemble courtesy of its screw-less design. The use of levers eases its motorization.

Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 Gt Battlestation Computer Gaming Desk

The simple look of the Thermaltake Level 20 GT Battlestation Gaming desk makes it almost easy to walk past.

It's a basic 59 by a 27.5-inch table made of heavy-duty steel frame and premium 0.7-inch thick MDF for the tabletop.

Its uniqueness lies in its height-adjustability. The 7-levels adjustment increases the desk height from 28.9 inches to 40.7 inches, accommodating the height of at least 90% of the world gamers. Each level is 1.9 inches high. The desk's carrying capacity is 220-pounds.

For your added comfort and care, the desk has a scratch-resistant high-pressure laminated top with a full-sized desk mat that favors your mouse sensors during gaming.

It also has a cable management bracket and comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Yaheetech Modern Computer Desk

A great gaming desk knows a secret gamer needs by heart. It doesn't have to be complex, but its affordability and versatility must keep the house budget within reach. That's where the Yaheetech modern computer desk comes in.

This desk isn't too shy to respond to your dining, crafting, and gaming needs. It would serve as an outdoor party table to hold your home theatre or snacks.

The simple desk avails 47.2 x 29.1-inch workspace with a carrying capacity of 220 pounds.

Its strong metal frame with the corrosion-free finish and painted MDF tabletop covers for its multi-purpose use without hitches.

Its protective footpads allow you to place it on any floor without fear of scratches. It stands at 28.7 inches in height.

For perfect compatibility with your home décor, Yaheetech Modern computer desk comes in two colors; light walnut and black against the white structure. Beautiful!


Would a Z-shaped desk inspire you into a full weekend of extreme gaming?

The sturdily constructed Eureka ergonomic Z1-S gaming desk delivers enriched gaming experience for long term use.

It is made from steel with carbon fiber texture surface and ABS plastic on the edges for your comfort and protection.

Due to its shape, bottom to top Z feature, a stabilizer bar is fastened between the legs and desktop to prevent wobbling when your game intensifies.

The four leveling feet protect your floor from possible scratches in case of movement.

It comes with a cup-holder on one side, and headphones hook on the other — both within arm's reach.

For improved comfort, you are presented with an on-the-desk controller stand, game storage, and a supersized mousepad enough to accommodate both your mouse and keyboard.

To spice up your gaming experience, immersive LED lights are fitted on the sides of the tabletop. They need powering through your laptop's USB port.

On real estate, the desk measures 43.5 x 24 inches and is 30 inches high.

Being a sturdy steel structure, it can hold up to 200 pounds of your gaming peripherals, starting with a 40-inch monitor if you fancy large viewing.

Should you want more than one monitor, consider mounting any other on the desk. It has the stamina to accept it.

The Eureka ergonomic gaming desk is easy to assemble and provides adequate cable management keeping your gaming life neat and accidents-free. 

Suppose you feel the need to utilize every inch of your apartment in the best way your know-how.

The next 6 gaming desks will bring your dream to fruition. Most of these desks have an adequate workspace to double as gaming and work desks.

It shouldn't surprise you that many gamers use them as such. Whenever a break is needed, they swivel from one side of the L to the other and assume the gaming life.

Since most of these desks are spacious, look out for the added advantages that will complete your dual life most easily and quickly possible.

GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk

Where ample space is much-needed, GreenForest L-shaped desk comes in handy.

It has sufficient real estate; 58.1 x 44.3 inches of MDF desktop presented in two rectangular tables and a quarter-circle corner piece for space-saving.

Overall height stands at 19.1 inches with a possible slight raise when foot cups are loosened.

The steel legs guarantee you of hours of unshakable gaming, even with two large monitors being part of another armory.

For back-to-back work, study, and play experience consider adding a second desk to convert the L-shape into U.

This calls for a good swiveling gaming chair to complete the curve. That way, you won't have to stand and move — just rollover.

Due to its weight, 37.2 pounds, moving it about your room is discouraged. Identify an undisturbed spot before buying the desk and build your gaming throne there.

The assembly process is short and sweet, and in no time, you will have the most contemporary, spacious, and easy to clean cathedra of all times. Above all, it is built to last!

The GreenForest corner desk comes in four colors; black, oak, dark and bright walnut guaranteeing effortless harmony with your home décor.

Walker Edison 3-Piece Modern Corner Glass Gaming Desk

Walker Edison's lustrous L-shaped gaming desk was built to conserve space while upgrading your gaming life to a whole new level.

With a beveled tempered safety glass top and powder-coated steel legs, you are guaranteed endless hours of work and play.

It has adequate space for several monitors, a sliding keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side of the L and independent space for your CPU below.

It represents the perfect marriage between glass and steel. It's a shame your mouse won't share a bed with the keyboard here.

The tabletop measures 51 inches long and 20 inches wide. It is 29 inches high hence accommodating both tall and short gamers.

Those above 6 feet in height may need to adjust their gaming chairs and mind their legs.

Though the two rectangular bits can work independently, that would mean losing the quarter-circle that can hold a 15-pound monitor.

Not wise. Besides the waste, separating the parts makes the desk a little unstable. So, for best performance, consider making use of the whole.

It weighs 57 pounds only hence easy to move around once the centerpiece is eliminated.

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

If you are looking for a desk that extends your comfort beyond arms, neck, and back, the SHW L-shaped home office desk has got your back.

It provides you with an arced footrest at the bottom of its powder-coated steel frame, a rare gem in the gaming furniture industry.

The desk comprises of two rectangular pieces brought together by a quarter circle piece offering 51 by 19-inch real estate each to complete the desk.

It is 28.5 inches high, providing adequate legroom for vertically-blessed gamers. The absence of a keyboard tray also contributes to comfort.

Consider placing it on the desktop. It's unfortunate that the rectangular desk pieces cannot function on their own, and that the desk lacks cable management facilities.

But that's all compensated by its lightweight, 39 pounds, and its ability to hold up to 50 pounds of distributed weight.

As for the design, the presence of tempered safety glass as your tabletop ushers you to a class of your own, and the sleek angling makes it worth owning. 

RESPAWN 2010 Gaming Computer Desk

Every gamer desires an organized life where all gaming vitals are within arm's reach, yet allowing all pieces to stay on one desk.

Respawn 2010 gaming desk provides that and much more.
Each of the longer sides of the L-shaped desk measures 66.25 inches when added to the centerpiece and 21.25 inches in width.

It stands at 29.5 inches in height. While that translates to an ample playing field, it isn't the exciting bit.

Raised 6 inches above the desktop is a 39 x 10-inch throne meant for your monitor.

That delivers comfortable eye-level keeping your neck safe from possible strain. Its steel tube frame contoured support and beveled front edge deliver extra comfort for your forearms.

Respawn 2010 gaming desk's carrying capacity stands at 200 pounds. That's adequate weight for every piece in your gaming armory.

To complete your battle station, Respawn 2010 gaming desk comes with off-the-desk accessory solutions for your gaming gears; headphones, speakers and your soda cup to keep you hydrated through hours of gaming.

The melamine board desktop completes the design with a touch of class. 

Ryan Rove Belmac Glass Large Modern L-Shaped Desk

If you want a gaming desk that doubles for a fine office desk, Ryan Rove Belmac Glass desk is the right choice.

The L-shaped desk is built with glass shelves mounted on each side to provide adequate storage space for the items no longer needed for the affair at hand.

The shelves can double as a keyboard tray, though not mobile. It has a free CPU stand to allow it to stay away from the glass.

The tabletop is made from 0.23-inch thick tempered safety glass mounted on a black powder-coated heavy-duty steel-frame. That allows up to 100 pounds per side of the L.

You have up to 57 x 31-inch space to distribute your items on while watching the overall weight to protect the glass from possible breakages.

Ryan Rove Belmac glass L-shaped desk's design qualifies for ‘simple but trendy'.

Bestar Corner Desk – Hampton

Though resembling a rich attorney's desk in a high-end corner office, Bestar corner desk doesn't mind sitting in your not-so-expensive apartment as your gaming throne.

Think about it; the desk offers a raised monitor stand at the junction of two rectangular panes with 3 open storage compartments right below.

Under it is a spacious keyboard tray to accommodate your keyboard and mouse, then two other storage spaces on one end of the desk; one open and the other closed.

Built from over 70 years' experience, it's obvious; the designer had increased work and storage space as the guiding thought.

The desk is built from laminated, top-quality commercial-grade particle board with melamine finish.

Featuring 1-inch thick tabletop endowed with luxurious shock-resistant PVC edges, this desk allows free movement around it without fear of injury.

The manufacturer's confidence in its stain, scratch, and early-wear resistance is backed by up to 10 years of limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship as long as you are the original owner.

It measures 70.1 x 70.1 x 35.4 inches in size and has up to 200 pounds carrying capacity; adequate space for 3 monitors.

Due to part's handling, you need a second person to assemble this desk. That doesn't mean it's difficult to do so, but it's necessary. 

Gaming Desks Food For Thought

From the review above, there's a chance you have selected more than one gaming desk and are wondering how to pick the one.

Don't sweat it. There's a definite way of choosing the perfect bride. It begins with your body structure and ends with the desires of your heart.

No matter your desk of choice, rectangular or L-shaped, consider your height as a matter of priority. Ensure that you have adequate legroom whether when stretched or bent at the knee.

You could begin by checking the desk's height from the ground to the lower part of the tabletop where your knees reach. Remember, your gaming chair also affects this height.

This affects all desks without height adjustment ability.
Then, investigate the accessories that consume the desk's height. A good example is the keyboard tray.

Don't let its absence mislead you; yanking it off the desk may increase room for your knees if you are tall. Consider also the horizontal space your legs require for quality gaming comfort.

If the desk's legs are closer than your legs can handle for a long time, move on to the next desk.

If you have many gaming items to place on your desk, decide the kind of tabletop that best serves you; steel, wood or glass.

Though not your entire gaming armory needs to sit on the desk, those that do must meet its carrying capacity rules. To save on weight, let the CPU stay on the floor when using a desk with a glass top.

Next, watch out for the amount of space available in your apartment before settling for the gaming desk. Some are very long and may consume all the space available, forcing you to throw out some important items.

If you choose to put your work and play life in one spot by combining two L-shaped desks, make sure you have the muscle to do so space-wise.

Finally, choose a desk that makes you proud of your buying decision, one that meets at least 70% of your needs. A gaming desk is a huge investment and should be made based on long term use, not just the cost.

When all your gaming items and furniture are brought together, they should inspire you to play long and hard. So don't throw your cash after the glitter.

“Remember, the finest gaming desk today may not provide the ultimate experience tomorrow. May the best desk win!.”

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