Kinsal Gaming Chair Review 2020 (Should you buy it?)

Kinsal is now bringing in more convenience, flexibility, comfort, and laxity in the computer gaming world. With their now Kinsal gaming chair, a racing game is now more enjoyable than ever as you can now comfortably sit the entire day gaming and come out of the room with no any sign of muscle pains on your back.

This chair’s make embraces the ergonometric design, which consists of premium features, which makes its general performance such an admirable one. For many who cannot meet the high cost of the ‘top best gaming chairs,’ this is an ideal option with exceptional customization features sometimes better than those in the high priced category.

The designer had in mind a racer’s interest and put them all into place. Thus, after its simple installation procedure and proper handling, you can experience so much of its endless convenience every time you sit on it.

Similarly to all hobbies, all games need full enjoyment. But can you enjoy playing along with chronic pain at your back? You may try, but the truth is that it will surely make you entirely uncomfortable.

Kinsal Gaming Chair is special equipment that would add luxury to your hobby. You might even wish to spend time on it even if not playing.

This review gives you an insight into what this chair is all about and explains why it is one of the best and highly recommendable designs.

Product Description

The Kinsal Gaming Chair supports healthy play. Maintaining the entire principle of ergonometric offers its user a greater fulfillment while sitting on it. Right from its look, it appears professional, reliable, and utterly efficient from its high-quality features of making.

One noticeable feature of this chair is its two headrests. The two provides exceptional comfort experience, one that would support the user for a lengthy period.

Secondly is the 180º Recline & Lock feature which are quite outstanding in its use. They both allow you to have a smooth and easy transition from playing to resting. You do not have to get off the chair to your couch to rest.

Instead, you can relax the backrest to your desired angle of reclining and settle in.

The comfort of your arm is also a high priority to this chair. It has wide armrest easy to adjust and is often colorful. With its position manipulation property, you can have it at your most relaxing position.

The chair’s seat structure is a design from high-quality materials consisting of firm structure, cold molding foam, class-4 gas lift, and high-quality PU leather. All these combined with the reclining features, 360 Degree Swivel, and many other comfort/ flexibility features make the chair a highly recommended brand.



Swivel: 360 Degree


Colour: Red


Maximum capacity: 280 LB


Use: Office/ gaming


Class-4 gas lift


Item’s weight: 46.3 pounds


Sitting height: 17.5"-20.5"


Dimension: 33.8 x 25.2 x 12.8 inches

Key features

Footrests: This chair has an ergonomically designed footrest which helps bring in much more comfort and efficiency of its use. In addition to this are the free bonuses of headrests cushion and lumbar cushion

The highly smoothly height adjustment of both the seat and the armrest is of much greatness as it offers more comfort and laxity.

Its PU leather is of high quality and secures the tubular steel frame giving it a beautiful look.

The steel frame offers excellent support to the weight capacity seated on it.

The chair carries a maximum weight capacity of 280 LB.

The 360 Degree Swivel and 90 to 180-degree reclining movement, call promotes laxity ad great flexibility to its user. As such, one can quickly move around, reaching other gaming equipment you need without getting off the chair.

The US-registered a brand – Kinsal is a US-based company well-known for the manufacture of high-end chairs for both official as well as gaming purposes. Thus, they welcome any complaints concerning their products within one year period of purchase. This warranty policy involves money refund as well as replacements of parts of the product.


  • Comfortable 
  • Flexible
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Relatively cheap
  • Highly  accommodative


  • Uncomfortable armrests
  • Less Durable

Frequently asked questions

Why Kisal gaming chair, not others?

At just fair price, you can get yourself a high-end Kamal gaming chair that which will satisfactorily serve you long enough. The chair is a unique model coming with executive features, which enhances its overall comfort, sturdiness, and long life in operation. Find out reviews on it; you will be surprised at the number of 5 stars it has.

Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase an original model of this chair from retailers either in their physical shops or online. In physical shopping, the advantage is that you will physically be able to touch and feel the chair, and therefore, you can have more conviction over its striking features.

However, when shopping online, it is only the reviews and product’s description, you can focus on to ensure you are purchasing the very right item.

In some cases, you can as well find the chair from second-hand retailers though these may not be in good condition.

What are its shipping regions?

For now, the shipping is only within the US countries.

Does the chair have a footrest?

Yes, this chair has a retractable footrest.

Any warranty information?

A one year warranty period exists for it whereby in the very first 30 days there is an allowance for product return or replacement. The rest of the year allows replacements for non-artificially damaged sections.

Buying Tips

Buying an original model will serve you better. You can always ensure this by purchasing from reliable suppliers and shops.


Adding much fun, flexibility, durability, reliability, and above all, comfort in your gaming room is all a gamer would want. Well, the chance is now here with Kamal Company – availing exceptionally high-end design of gaming chairs bearing highly premium features.

The Kamal gaming chair offers much more in terms of comfort, and it is all you need in your gaming room. One thing to remember is buying it from a reliable supplier, only that way you can be sure to enjoy its greatness of service.

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