Killabee Gaming Chair Review

At a Glance

The first time I saw the Killabee Big and Tall gaming chair, it genuinely took me aback for a moment.

It was less a gaming chair and more like a gaming throne. Simply put, it is an insanely large gaming chair.

It certainly looks like it's going to deliver excellent levels of comfort to gamers of all shapes and sizes.

However, does size truly matter when it comes to gaming chairs?

How many factors do the Killabee Big and Tall gaming chair's size contribute to its overall quality? Well, sit down and relax as we take a look at this mammoth gaming chair and how it fares in general.


  • Dimension: 25.4 x 28.6 x 51 (L x W x H) Inches
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Colors: Black, Blue, and Gray
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Assembly: No
  • Design

    Due to the Killabee's massive design and construction, it is recommended for bigger gamers (tall or heavyset).

    However, it is still a solid choice, even for the rest of us average and smaller gamers.

    I think this will provide a different type of comfort for smaller gamers because of its immense size.

    With its use of memory foam, the Killabee gaming chair can reach a level of comfort that a simple cushion padding won't ever deliver.

    Sitting on the Killabee gaming chair gives one of the most comfortable experiences this side of gaming chairs.

    The Killabee Big and Tall gaming chair is specially designed for exceptionally larger gamers.

    The manufacturer, Von Racer, marks this gaming chair is perfect for gamers who are 5'4" to 6'2" with a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs.

    As 5'4" is the minimum height recommendation for this chair, I would suggest customers follow that advice.

    In terms of aesthetics, the Killabee follows the standard racing-type look that all gaming chairs utilize today. Except, of course, at a far more substantial size.

    It also comes in three variations: while black is the base color, some variants of this gaming chair feature blue and gray accents.

    The third variation is an all-black design which is ideal for gamers who prefer a minimalist look with their gaming rig.


    In terms of support, the Killabee gaming chair is fit for a king.

    This gaming chair utilizes the racing-style seat design but expanded to the degree that it is pretty much a whole different beast altogether.

    With its more robust frame, the Killabee gaming chair is designed to accommodate almost every type of gamer, no matter their shape and size.

    The cushion and padding are all evenly distributed throughout the entire chair.

    This provides gamers with absolute comfort even during prolonged gaming sessions.

    Due to its next level comfort, I would also recommend this gaming chair for people whose work requires them to sit for the majority of the day.

    Additionally, this gaming chair also comes with headrest and lumbar pillows.

    Both pillows use ultra-soft cotton material and feature USB electric massagers built into them.

    This feature further improves upon the overall comfort of anyone who sits on the Killabee gaming chair.

    With its ergonomic construction, adjustability, and feature-rich design, the Killabee is an excellent example of a premium quality gaming chair.


    The Killabee Big and Tall gaming chair come with some top-notch features that help push it beyond your standard gaming chair.

    The size difference is one of its primary strengths.

    But it also comes with several subtle tweaks that improve upon its already robust design.

    First off, the heavy-duty frame which utilizes solid steel helps improve not only the durability of this chair but also the maximum weight it can support.

    As stated earlier in this review, the Killabee gaming chair has a max weight capacity of 400 lbs.

    This pretty much covers all sorts of gamers, unless you're WWE wrestler, Big Show.

    As this chair is designed to accommodate huge and tall gamers, it understandably increased its overall size dimensions.

    This is most prevalent with the backrest. This gaming chair comes with a 33.5-inch-wide backrest.

    In comparison, average gaming chair backrest is 23 inches wide, which is a full 10-inches added with this mammoth gaming chair.

    Another integral part of the Killabee gaming chair is its armrest.

    Not only does the armrest feature an ergonomic and smooth design, but it also provides excellent adjustability.

    The Killabee armrest is marketed as 3D adjustable armrests.

    It gets that moniker because it is designed to be positioned/adjusted in a broader range than your standard gaming chair armrest.

    The Killabee armrest can be positioned up, down, left, and right.

    This allows users to get an optimum configuration to achieve the best level of support and comfort.
    The armrests also incorporate PU leather as its cover.

    This provides the armrest with high water resistance and improved grip.

    With its adjustable 3D armrest, you can easily position your right arm evenly with the mouse for better aiming in games without straining your shoulders.


    • It provides incredible comfort.
    • Heavy-duty construction that can support 400 lbs. 
    • weight capacity.
    • It is reasonably priced.
    • Excellent level of adjustability.
    • Triple back support feature.
    • 3D armrest design.
    • It comes with a built-in massager in the headrest and lumbar pillows.


    • The massive size of the dental chair might make it awkward to use for smaller individuals.
    • Due to its high adjustability, you might find yourself tweaking the chair a bit to find the perfect position.
    • The built-in cooling fans in the seats slightly reduces the overall comfort it can provide.
    • Customer complaints of certain parts of the chair feeling a bit loose or wobbly.


    This Killabee gaming chair is the perfect seat for the more heavyset gamer crowd or larger people in general. Its focus on delivering optimum comfort at a still budget-friendly rate is met with success.

    Additional features like the built-in massager and cooling fan are all significant icing on the cake.

    Overall, Killabee could very well be the go-to brand for big and tall gamers. That's not saying that smaller gamers should stay away.

    I would still say check this gaming chair out as its massive size is undoubtedly a huge advantage no matter where you lie on the weighing scale.

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