Homall Gaming Chair Review 2020 (UPDATED – Worth it?)

Are you that big fun of computer games?

 Well, you must then be familiar with its characteristics, one major one being a long sitting time.

Sitting in a scratchy chair, not comfortable for long hours may only walk you the path to health issues, mainly chronic back pains. Which is why the Homall Gaming Chair is rightly here for you.

The high-end design chair is a quality make bearing all those premium features you would want for your ultimate comfort.

Walking into the many gaming chair showrooms today, you will meet quite several brands and designs of these chairs.

However, if you come to think of critical qualities any good gaming chair should prevail, the durability, comfort, and flexibility, only a few of them like the Homall chair has it all.

If you are on the search for full facts on this chair then here you are, just on the very right page. 

Products Description

Laxity in gaming computer games has never been until the Homall Gaming Chair. A high tech brand and design many players yearn for.

The chair bears some of the top quality features most executive chairs of its category misses.

Judging from its steel made structures and high-quality PU leather or Faux-Leather cover, the chair promises high durability.

Its reclining feature makes it more comfortable if you have to play with your back at either 90, 120 or 180 degrees whichever angle in between that would make you satisfied.

The chair as well comes with a unique color caster wheels which roll easily. Hence, you will not have to stand from your sitting position to reach out to an item, a gaming pad, for instance.

Instead, you can just put a little pressure on the chair to the direction you want it to move, and there you are; you will comfortably reach what you intend.

It is one of the best ergonomic racing style chair designs meant to conform to your body shape properly.

Thus, offering ultimate support both to your head, neck, and back. It bears features of the removable headrest as well as a lumbar support pillow, which is the collection giving you the comfort you need.

Those who are averagely too long or short, do not worry. This chair is highly height adjustable.

Thus you can have it at your preference. Additionally, its five-star base makes it more study hence can support weight up to 300 lbs.

Product Specifications

  • Height-adjustable; gas spring cylinder
  • Headrest pillow cushion
  • Stable five-star base
  • Orthopedically/ ergonomically designed
  • The tilt locking mechanism of angles between 90-180 degrees
  • Sitting height: 17.7-20.9 inch
  • leather material; Premium PU
  • Backrest dimension: 22.5"X30.5"(LXW)
  • lumbar cushion available
  • Easily movable via its color caster wheels
  • Max. Load capacity: 300 lbs
  • Key features

    Reclining feature: You have the chair recline at angles of up to 180 degrees from 90. You can have it at your best angle.

    The chair can accommodate both the too tall or short as of its height adjustment feature.

    The five-star base makes it much sturdier and therefore can support weights of up to 300Ibs.

    The covering clothing is a premium PU leather type which makes the chair highly durable.

    The chair comes with highly cozy padding for both the headrest and lumbar sections.

    Its caster wheels are soft to roll, thus making the chair easily movable.
    The chair comes with a one-year warranty purchase policy whereby within the period you can appeal for replacement or refund.


    • Highly durable
    • Height Adjustable
    • Stable
    • Flexible
    • Cozy
    • Beautiful design
    • Different colors available
    • One year warranty


    • Pricy
    • Non-durable
    • FAQ & Additional Tip

    Why Homall Gaming Chair?

    If you like a high-end gaming chair bearing premium features then look no further than Homall Gaming Chair.
    It is excellent in its operation, offers exceptional durability, comes with a one year warranty and above all gives you all the comfort you would need during your gaming.
    It has a clear and straight installation procedure and can work in either offices or gaming rooms.

    Where can I get the product?

    You can purchase your Chair directly from its manufacturers or supply agencies.

    On this, you can still request for special delivery to your destination, especially when you consider an online purchase.

    Whichever the model one chooses, it is always worth the product before placing an order. Ensure, it matches the manufacturer's description of the item.

    How do I install Homall Gaming Chair?

    The installation process is easy and quick. However, it may require a technologically knowledgeable to help in the fixing as well as maintenance.

    Most manufacturers provide a guideline on how in their manual prescription and which may sometime be hard for a layperson to comprehend.

    Does the product come with a warranty?

    It is a superior product with high work efficiency and exceptional durability. Thus, it comes with a one year warranty period which entails full support.

    You can either ask for a replacement or refund before this period expires, especially when it is a design problem.

    Buying Advice

    Note that, there are fraudsters out there who would opt to sell you a fake chair to take your money. Ensure you only buy it from well-recognized sellers plus confirm the product's specifications before you carry it home.

    When placing an order online, ensure to carefully go through the item's description as well as customer reviews to get a picture of what the product is really.


    If you ever need to game comfortably sitting on a highly comfortable, easy to move chair then consider buying the Homall Gaming Chair.

    The ergonometric design is one specular gaming room requirement that would ensure your body conforms well to its padding, thus exposing you to no chronic back pains.

    The original design of it lasts long enough, remains sturdy all times supporting the weight of up to 300Ibs. Both the tall and the short can as well use it more comfortably based on its height adjustment feature.

    Only ensure to purchase the original design to have the best you need for a gaming chair.

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