GT Racing chair Review

Nothing can be insulting too much like chronic back pain when you are just in the middle of your racing games.

It hurts a lot and makes losses your full concentration in the game – meaning there would be high chances of not winning. Highly frustrating right? GT with their GT racing chair has your perfect solution.

The all-time leader in designing some of the top class gaming chairs would be non-other than the GT.

Their racing chair is one of the unique models offering maximum flexibility, durability, ultimate comfort, and above all, comes at pocket-friendly rates.

It is one design you can rely on when you have to sit all day long behind that screen, maneuvering your gaming controllers.

Decent just as it appears on the outside, its performance matches precisely that.

Its structure composes of high-quality materials of aluminum, steel, and quality leather fabric, which together brings about its high durability and endurance to long hours of sitting.

One admirable fact about this design is its reasonably low price.

Searching around for the very ‘best-racing chairs in the world,' you will be astonished by the high prices they sell at, $800, $1200 or even more.

So, why spend a lot on such items yet you can enjoy the same services as the GT racing chair at a much lower rate?

Stay tuned; this article gives you an in-depth review of the premium features of the ergonometric designed GT racing chair.

Product Description

The GT racing chair resembles so much of the DXRacer F-Series design. One distinct feature with it is the bucket-style feature of its seat make.

This design work best in having your backbone conform naturally with the backrest, thus offering you the best posture for playing your racing games.

Also, it comes with more additional features like the rubberized toe grips as well as the high-quality upholstery which together adds to its general sturdiness.

Its level of creativity in the making extends to its dual-layer characteristic, whereby given sections offer more grip than the rest.

It is this feature which provides it with more feel to be like just the high budget gaming chairs currently available.

Similarly to the other gaming chairs, the GT model bears other premium features as well. These include the reclining backrest which offers you a better chance to lean it to your most preferred level of comfort up to 170 degrees.

Also, with its height adjustment feature, you can either increase or lower its seat height to match yours for more comfort.

With its smoothly rolling base wheels, you can comfortably rock the chair backward or forward with ease – no noises. Hence, you can easily and quickly, reach out to other gaming equipment that could be having in the room.

Additionally, you will recognize this chair with its two durable pillow pads. Its lumbar pillow offers excellent support both to your neck and head.


  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
  • Adjustable: Reclining (90~170°)
  • Rocking: 360° degrees
  • Key Features

    The GT racing chair comes with a 5-point swivel base of the heavy-duty kind
    It offers smooth movements via its smooth-rolling casters Comes with a highly cozy, removable lumbar cushion/ headrest pillow.

    The chair can efficiently rock through 360° to allow you to reach other equipment in the room too.

    I am reclining feature of between 90 degrees and 170 degrees. You can, therefore, position yourself in a much more comfortable position with zero traits of muscle strain.

    Adjustable seat height hence comfortably accommodating both the tall and the short plus a large width size for larger bodies.

    Comes with a Smooth bonded leather covering easy to clean from dirt and even lousy odor

    One year warranty – The Company will feel free to offer you replacements for damaged parts of the chair within this period, and if conditions allow, they can replace it entirely with a new chair.


    • Highly flexible 
    • Durable
    • Sturdy
    • Relatively cheap
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to install


    • Lacks caster wheel locker
    • No footrest

    Frequently asked questions

    How better is the GT racing chair?
    Why pay higher while you can get a reasonable offer yet similar quality of performance?

    GT chair is an exceptional gaming chair design taking into account all the gamer's interests.
    It's relatively low price tags bears nothing to do with its premium features topped by the bucket-style backrest formation. With it, you will never experience back pains; however, long you sit on it.

    Where can I buy the chair?
    By getting yourself a high-end design, a GT racing chair can never be a problem once you know what you want.
    The chairs are both available in the physical as well as online shops. With the correct description of this item, you can make a perfect choice and not confuse it with any other.
    Online shopping will require you as well to go through previous customer's reviews to find out exactly is that is what you want.

    Do I need a technician to help me install the chair?
    The install procedure of this chair is such a simple one. The instructions are in its user manual. Following them will allow you to secure fixing.

    Will I have a warranty?
    The chair comes with a one year warranty period whereby any damages are replicable within this time. The full replacement may occur in the events of severe breakages.

    Buying Tips

    Trickery may sometimes be typical among those who sell the GT racing chairs. They often take advantage of their relatively low prices to bring in some fake ones.

    Therefore, each time you are making your purchase ensure to thoroughly go through the product's specifications and features as well as reviews to ensure they are exact things you want.

    Final Remarks

    Presumed high-quality performing chairs may sometimes be beyond the reach of your pockets and even if you can afford them, then remember saving is economically essential.

    What if you still enjoy all those premium features they have only at lower affordable rates? Would it be a sweet deal, right?

    But with the GT racing chair, you won't need to think twice. Instead, you will run for it.

    The chair is a high-end design with excellent featured capabilities to make you feel ultimately comfortable in your gaming room.

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