Great Budget Gaming Chairs in 2020

The cost of your current lifestyle if calculated with utmost honesty could break your bank. With all those gaming gadgets, there’s no way to prove that you aren’t living above your means and hating yourself for it.

How would a list of great budget gaming chairs change the narrative?

Come to think of it, what you are looking for is a chair that understands your natural posture and preserves it for the longest hours possible.

You don’t want to pause the game now and then to stretch because your back threatens to go out more often than you do.

Again, since gaming demands unplanned jerking from time to time, a chair that allows you to tilt off the usual 90 degrees comes in handy. 

Think about the times you need to celebrate, get angry or lean sideways for intense focusing on the game. If your current chair denies you all these goodies, it is an expensive piece of waste.

A great budget gaming chair has all these features as basics, then a lot more to suit your gaming escapades. 

These 8 great budget gaming chairs cover every gaming need your heart lusts for whether you are a newbie, upcoming culprit or the diehard who does it for oxygen. Here you go!

OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN)

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Capability : 360 degrees | Weight : 250 pounds

    This race car styled gaming chair stands for 3 things; comfort, style, and luxury.

    It is a high-back ergonomic chair with height adjustment capability, 360 degrees swivel and back recline control whose tilt has been tested for longevity and your peace of mind. 

    It boasts of segmented padding; padded armrests that can stay in position when you need to steady your arms on a job, or flipped up and out of your way for free movement. It also has lumbar support integrated into its design and a window added in the padded headrest section to increase breathability. 

    Courtesy of its strong impact tested frame and durable wheel casters rated to rollover 45 miles without fail or wear, this gaming chair can hold up to 250 pounds of load.  

    Intermarriage of SofThread black leather and loud green mesh fabric covers the thick cushion beneath in beautifully contoured segments to deliver an aggressive wowing mix!

    Though this gaming chair was built with elite gamers in mind, don’t wait till later to own yours. 

    Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Capability : 360 degrees | Weight : 300 pounds | Thick seating area : 19.8 inches

    The unique shaped budget gaming chair features a curved high-back with removable headrest and adjustable lumbar support. Its armrests are fixed but if you don’t like them, don’t install them. 

    It has a thick seating area measuring 19.8 inches in length, 20.5 wide and at the highest setting, 20 inches high. Use of the pneumatic height adjustment lever to lower the seat to 16.1 inches or anywhere in between to suit your needs.

    The chair is built with heavy-duty integrated metal to enable it to carry up to 300 pounds of load. Its sturdy base and PU silent rolling wheels allow 360 degrees swivel rotation with no possibilities of breaking. 

    The lock/tilt adjustment allows Devoko ergonomic gaming chair to recline back to almost 180 degrees; a rare feature in budget gaming chairs. 

    The contrast-colored PU leather finishing gives this chair an elegant look that defies all rules of cheap chairs.

    Homall Gaming Chair 

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Weight : 300 Pounds | Backrest : 30 inches

    When a gaming chair is praised for being classic, expect at least two main features; durability and comfort. That’s the whole essence of the Homall Gaming chair. 

    Its whole skeleton is made with 1.8mm superior quality steel surrounded by 3.15-inch non-collapsible shaping sponge. The chair wears a PU leather finishing that doesn’t age fast. 

    While not hunting zombies or tending plants, consider reclining the chair to 150 degrees and take a nap, otherwise lock it at 90 degrees for serious business. The seat measures 19.8 inches deep, 20 inches wide and stands at 21.5 inches in height from the ground. You have a 3.2 inches height adjustment allowance to play with. 

    Being high-back, you have up to 30 inches for the backrest, has adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows delivering ultimate comfort while gaming. 

    This budget gaming chair is built to hold up to 300 pounds in weight and is equipped with a strong 5-star base with racing car style rubber PU casters that run in every direction. 

    Though its armrests are fixed, its beauty and performance vow to strengthen your game at a fair price. It is worth owning.

    PC Gaming Chair

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Weight : 250 pounds | Capability : 360 degrees | Wide : 20.9 inches | Deep : 28 inches | Maximum height : 20.8 inches | Lowest height : 17.7 inches. | Recline backward : 125 degrees 

    The high-back race type gaming chair promises to support your full spinal column and deliver absolute comfort throughout your gaming sessions. 

    It has an adjustable headrest pillow and massaging lumbar support with remote control aimed at delivering soft vibration to your lower back to reduce possible fatigue.

    Its armrests promise not to stay on your way if you don’t want them to; flip them up and out for more space.

    Its seat measurements read; 20.9 inches wide, 28 inches deep and 20.8 inches maximum height from the ground.

    Use the pneumatic height adjustment lever to lower the height to suit your day. The lowest height is 17.7 inches. 

    Taking a break from your busy gaming life is this gaming chair’s honor; it allows you to recline it 125 degrees backward, thanks to the tilt-tension control. Lock it back to 90 degrees when you resume. 

    You can roll around your gaming palace on its nylon casters or swivel in full rotation whenever you score big.

    Its solid and stable construction and 5-point base guarantee your safety as long as you don’t exceed its 250 pounds weight capacity. 

    This PC gaming chair features a high-density cushion with superior breathable mesh and soft PU finishing imitating the shape of your body for extra comfort. 

    Its winning appearance will inspire your game. 

    OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRY)

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Capability : 360 degrees | Weight : 250 pounds

    Intense gaming demands for a chair that won’t let you go when negotiating virtual corners. That’s why this budget gaming chair holds your body with a snugly hug.

    Your skin stays in contact with its black premium SofThread leather and sleek grey mesh fabric brought together by neat black stitches.

    That forms the chair’s contoured and segmented padding on the seat and backrest; the true definition of strength.

    You are spoilt to hours of caring neck support courtesy of the padded headrest with a small window to increase breathability when the game gets harder.

    The gaming chair has adequate lumbar support and its padded armrests won’t stay on your way if you don’t need them. Flip them up and out to give your elbows more freedom. 

    OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair gives you the freedom to set your desired seat height and recline a little for healthier posture.

    When you need to think aloud, consider swiveling all around, the 5-point base construction and casters won’t let you down. Observe the 250 pounds weight limit before using the chair. 

    Though this gaming chair doesn’t have strong contrasting colors, its shades of black define its power to keep you comfortable throughout your gaming escapades. Game on!

    Giantex Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Capability : 264 degrees | Weight : 250 pounds | Deep : 20.1 inches | Wide : 19.7 inches | Maximum height : 20.9 inches | Seat down Height : 17.3 inches 

    The beautiful appearance of the Giantex ergonomic gaming chair sparks your creative juices to an overflow.

    Something about its contrasting colored finishing; a marriage between white PU leather with PVC and black breathable mesh covering the chair’s thick cushion, carries the day.

    It’s a high-back chair with two alien-eye windows on each side of the headrest, puffed lumbar support, and ample-spaced seat.

    Its seat measures 20.1 inches deep, 19.7 inches wide and 20.9 inches maximum height from the ground. You can adjust the seat down to 17.3 inches to suit your height. 

    It reclines and rocks when released from the tension control and allows 360 degrees swivel on its strong base on the mute smooth-rolling casters. They roll in all directions The chair has 264 pounds weight capacity. 

    Though a gaming chair, this chair still scoops the attention as a boardroom chair or home office seat. Try it out. 

    X Rocker V Rocker SE Gaming Chair

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Capability : 360 degrees | Weight : 275 pounds | Width : 17 inches | Height : 29 inches | Under Padding : 2 Speakers | Headrest : 4-inch

    Despite not resembling other gaming chairs in this list, X Rocker has its special place in the gaming arena. Don’t let its down-to-earth attitude fool you.

    The oversized design gaming chair measures 17 inches in width and 29 inches height yet it promises not to consume much your gaming palace unless when in use.

    It is foldable without damaging its pressure-relieving base when you need to use it again. 

    Its unique design allows it to hide 2 speakers under the padded headrest and a 4-inch subwoofer in its open backspace.

    Expect deep booming reflection on your back when heavy bass notes from your gameplay.

    It uses Audio Force Modulation technology to give you immersive experience throughout your long gaming sessions so you can feel the sound. It also integrates wireless audio transmission. 

    Connect your headphones to the audio port on the control panel found on the chair’s right-hand side when you need some private gaming moment. The volume and bass control sits in the same area.

    This budget gaming chair with speakers is compatible with a wide variety of systems; MP3/DVD/CD, Xbox, Playstation, Home theatre, and Gameboy. 

    Despite not having a pedestal, this X Rocker gaming chair rocks into full motion allowing you to negotiate difficult terrain zero resistance.

    It also connects with other X Rocker gaming chairs for multi-gaming mode. Use it only if you weigh below 275 pounds.

    After a long tiring day at work, this budget gaming chair lets you kick back, relax and soak into your gaming indulgences. 

    Hbada Desk Chair 

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Luxury
  • Durability
  • Capability : 360 degrees | Height : 17.7 to 21.2 inches  

    At first glance, Hbada desk chair doesn’t resemble your everyday gaming chair. Well, that’s not its original call, but it doesn’t mean the chair wouldn’t toe the line when putting to the task.

    Here is why it makes a great budget gaming chair.

    First, it has an S-shaped backrest curve with popped lumbar support honoring your natural body curve. The meshed fabric on its backrest increases breathability keeping you cool and focused throughout the game. 

    Then, its flip-up armrests stay out of your way when your hand's demand for more flexing space depending on the weapon of mass destruction at hand.

    And finally, its thick flat seat cushion provides long-lasting comfort needed to support your bottom while gaming. 

    But there’s more. Hbada desk chair allows you to tilt from its office work 90 degrees angle to 120 degrees necessary while gaming. And it rocks and swivels in full rotation!

    It is a very strong build with a heavy-duty 5-point base and smooth-rolling wheel casters that never scratch your floor or betray your movement. Its height adjustment lever allows you to adjust the seat height between 17.7 to 21.2 inches; choose what works well for your legs. 

    Whether you find Hbada desk chair in the boardroom, home office or gaming room, its stability, durability, beauty, and comfort do not disappoint. Feel free to convert it to your all-purpose seat.

    These great budget gaming chairs have one thing in common, they are fast to assemble and the tools needed to put them together are always sent to you with the main package if you buy them online.

    If offline, chances are the seller will do the dirty job for you. 

    As online gaming transitions from ‘the expensive affair for a few’ to a profession with a definite salary bracket, expect to see the price of gaming systems, furniture, and related accessories drop.

    Notice the number of affordable online games, cheap gaming headsets, and budget gaming routers in the market today.

    Not only are the prices getting better, but the tools in question are also more advanced.

    No gamer should ever quit due to harsh pricing or lack of necessary technology to meet their gaming needs. 

    Each of the 8 budget gaming chairs while costing less than $120 maintains high performance and durability.

    Beauty also goes uncompromised, putting to shame the phrase, ‘cheap is expensive’. So, you see, you don’t have to forsake your ‘expensive’ gaming affair!

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