Best Gaming Chairs with Speakers in 2020

If you are stuck with those big booming boxes trying to prove that you are a hardcore gamer, think again.

The best gaming chairs with speakers have long replaced those old multiple surround speakers in your gaming palace. Brace yourself for the ultimate gaming throne makeover.

But before throwing the boxes out, here is something you need to know. 

Like every other chair in the industry, gaming chairs with speakers first observe the law of weight. Meaning, you must know your weight and choose the chair that can hold such before purchase.

Again, these breed of gaming chairs hates loneliness. To make the best use of them, encourage your buddies to buy the same. You will find out why in a few.

Finally, know your best gaming hours; they determine your sitting position and further down how high your gaming chair should stand.

If you indulge after work, chances are your body is beat and needs to kick back, free your legs from possible hindrances and hit the dusty roads.

That calls for a bottoms-on-the-floor kind of gaming chair. But for the habitual culprits who game for a living, there’s no sin against throwing your legs about your gaming palace. Go for the chairs that have pedestals to keep you off the floor.

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 Gaming Chair 

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Capacity : 275 pounds | Built-in : Radio receiver | Height : 43 inches | Armrests : 24 inches

Taking advantage of the supportive base for tilt and swivel, the Extreme III 2.1 gaming chair has a total height of 43 inches accommodating gamers with longer legs.

The width between its stabilizing padded armrests is 24 inches and it can hold a load of up to 275 pounds.

It has 2 speakers hidden under the headrest, low rumble ported power 4-inch subwoofer and uses Audio Frequency Modulation technology for a vibrating audio gaming experience. 

This chair has breathable faux leather finishing, is comfortable for various use of other non-gaming activities and has a separate volume and bass control on the control panel.

It also has input and output provisions to allow you connect your audio source to other X Rocker chairs for multi-game mode. It is compatible with most of your gaming systems.

Every bit of this executive gaming chair with speakers screams extreme; aesthetics, comfort, and class. Maybe that’s why it’s not foldable.

Best Gaming Chairs with speakers and Bottoms-on-the-floor

While other gamers want to showcase their long legs, kick in the air after a win and jump off the chair with a curse when kicked hard in the game, being tired you may want to ease in and just enjoy the game. 

Don’t sweat it; X Rocker still got you!

The next four gaming chairs allow you to lay back, have your legs close to the ground the racing car style and play.

That allows you to make wild turns in Touring Cars, feel the crawl while hunting down the enemy and slide fast down the mountain without fear of falling. 

With these footless gaming chairs with speakers, low is the new cool. Indulge!

X Rocker V Rocker SE Gaming Chair 

Capacity : 275 pounds | Built-in : 2 Speaker | Height : 43 inches | Headrest : 4-inch

Refuel your gaming experience with this oversized X Rocker V Rocker SE gaming chair.

The chair has 2 speakers installed under the headrest and a 4-inch subwoofer placed in a way to deliver heavy bass sound effects to your back. The speakers use Audio Force Modulation technology to deepen the sound. 

It has wireless capabilities, connects with multiple chairs for multi-gaming mode and supports a variety of systems; Xbox, Playstation, Gameboy, MP3, CD, DVD, and Home theatre.

Use the audio control panel provided on the right side of the gaming chair to regulate volume, bass, and plug in your headphones. 

Go into full rocking motion in this ergonomically designed gaming chair with neck and lumbar support. It has a pressure-relieving base and can hold up to 275 pounds of load.

Your comfort is further guaranteed by the marriage between skin-friendly breathable foam mesh fabric and PU leather used for its finishing. 

Though it doesn’t have a raised supportive base, once perched, it holds you with a comforting hug throughout the long gaming hours.

When not in use, remember to fold it and spare some space in your gaming palace.

The gaming chair’s clean design leaves all beauty out to focus on delivering outstanding comfort in the simplest way X Rocker knows how. 

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Gaming Chair

Capacity : 275 pounds | Built-in : 4 Speaker | Height : 36 inches | Armrests : 24 inches

This Pro Series H3 gaming chair promises unchallengeable comfort throughout your gaming escapades. 

With 24 inches space between its supportive jet-shaped armrests, your hips are assured of ample space to wiggle while making twists and turns in Colin McRae Rally.

It is 36 inches in total height and is keen to accommodate up to 275 pounds of load. It is a foldable design creating more space in your gaming palace when no longer needed.

It is equipped with a pressure-relieving base, neck, and lumbar support, not to mention the leather finishing keeping you seated for a little longer than planned. 

Unlike other X Rocker gaming chairs, this one has 4 speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer installed in the empty space inside the chair.

It employs Audio Frequency Modulation technology to intensify your audio gaming experience and connects well with other X Rocker gaming chairs. 

The chair has additional vibration motors synchronized with the audio bass tones from your game to deepen its sound intensity. 

You can use it for more than gaming; relaxing, watching movies, reading and your craft-based hobbies, making it a must-have gaming chair for every upcoming pro gamer. 

X Rocker Surge Wireless Gaming Chair

Capacity : 275 pounds | Wide : 21-inches | Height : 32 inches | Armrests : 24 inches | Headrest : 4-inch

While most gaming chairs shy off from the wireless life, this chair doesn’t. It has a Bluetooth 2.1 receiver allowing you to pair your mobile phone and leave it 30 feet away so you can concentrate on the game without the disturbance of Facebook messages. 

Though it doesn’t have any armrests, it keeps your spine in check, thanks to its ergonomic design including pressure-relieving base, neck and lumbar support.

It has faux leather finishing, measures 21 inches wide and 32 inches in height while still staying away from a supporting base.

You are guaranteed intense sound experience courtesy of the 2 speakers hidden behind the headrest, a 4-inch subwoofer installed in the open space in the chair and the AFM technology making all the audio magic happen. 

The sleek X Rocker Surge gaming chair which allows you to connect with other X Rocker gaming chairs for merrier gaming episodes especially during sleepovers.

X Rocker Drift Wireless Gaming Chair

Capacity : 275 pounds | Wide : 16Height : 28 inches | Headrest : 4-inch | Build in : 2 Speaker | 

The racing car-inspired gaming chair boasts of the skin-friendly breathable mesh material finishing meant to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your gaming sessions. 

It is among the smaller and cheaper version of X Rocker gaming chairs with speakers measuring 16 inches wide and 28 inches high.

That doesn’t stop it from enduring 275 pounds of load for extended hours. 

The X Rocker Drift wireless gaming chair is ergonomically designed despite lacking armrests. The backrest curve and seat allows your body to retain its natural curve without causing fatigue. 

It comes with 2 speakers fitted behind the headrest and a 4-inch subwoofer at the outer part of the backrest providing low boom intensifying your audio experience.

It also adopts audio frequency modulation technology for powerful sound production.

The gaming chair marries well with most gaming systems in the market; TV, CD/DVD/MP3, Smart devices, Wii U, PS2, Nintendo, and Blu-ray. It has a built-in wireless receiver enabling it to pair with your phone and the old consoles.

Expect to rock hard in this foldable gaming chair whether you are using it for its true purpose; gaming or other private indulgences. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth whenever dirty.

Though this gaming chair suit teens best, there’s no harm owning one. Its outstanding sound makes gaming feel and sound real. 

X Rocker rocks at producing unbeatable gaming chairs with speakers while others manufacture shy away at perfecting their game.

That leaves you with a simple job while selecting the best gaming chair with speakers for your gaming palace; understanding your personal gaming needs.

You must know how much space you have left for your gaming throne first.

Then decide if you must have the armrests and if your legs prefer being off the ground or staying in touch with the floor. 

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