Gaming Chair vs Office Chair- What’s the Difference?

Spending countless hours daily on a chair is a common occurrence for gaming enthusiasts. It’s common knowledge that some gamers can sit for up to 12 hours or day with short breaks in between. However, as normal as this may sound, a lot of gamers who use non-ergonomic chairs often complain of fatigue, extreme discomfort, and worse, back pain.

With the rising popularity of gaming chairs, a lot of gamers are now considering investing in these cool chairs.

However, there is often a lot of confusion among gamers when it comes to choosing between a professional gaming chair or an ergonomic office chair.

While some may opt for gaming chairs due to their flamboyant design, others often consider comfort and support, two features that office chairs readily offer.

If you’re one of those gamers who cannot decide whether to go for a cool gaming chair or simply use a normal office chair, this post is for you.

In this article, we discuss in-depth all the major differences between gaming chairs and office chairs.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs- Differences in Style and Design

It’s extremely easy to spot a gaming chair out of hundreds of office chairs. Reason? Their unique design and aesthetics stand out from the rest.

While office chairs are more muted in style and colors, gaming chairs tend to be more striking aesthetically due to their varying color combination.

Comparing them side by side, it’s also easy to see the huge differences in style and design.

  • Removable Headrest and Lumbar Cushions

Gaming chairs are characterized by high backrests that provide superior back support and comfort.

Most pro models even include removable and adjustable support cushions for the headrest/neck and lumbar area.

The neck cushion provides the much-needed neck support which prevents fatigue and neck pain.

Some office chair models also include either a fixed or removable headrest that is designed to offer a resting place for your head and neck.

However, you won’t find many office chairs with this feature.

  • Bucket Seat Design

Gaming chairs are designed to look more or less like race car seats which feature a bucket seat design.

in racing cars, this design secures the driver in the seat, preventing their bodies from shifting left to right and vice versa.

Of course, having a chair seat that cradles you while gaming sounds great.

It may not offer as much comfort and support as you would expect, but it seems the goal is to make you feel like you’re sitting on a real race car as you play your favorite racing games.

  • Winged Backrest

Another striking difference in design is the winged backrest found in gaming chairs but missing in office chairs.

Also inspired by racing car seats, the winged backrest is also designed to help your body remain in place as you sway right to left while playing those wild racing games.

Obviously, this additional feature actually restricts upper body movement for safety and probably comfort’s sake.

However, while it does increase a sense of security by limiting upper body movements, bigger and taller gamers might not find this amusing.

The winged backrest may be space-restricting as bigger gamers obviously require extra space compared to average weight gamers.

Office chairs lack these features, so heavier gamers might feel a bit more comfortable in ergonomic office chairs than in gaming chairs.

Of course, the gaming chairs manufacturers compensate for this little design mishap by building extra-large gaming chairs that are also sturdy enough to accommodate heavy users.

Reclining, Rocking Functions

Reclining chairs are becoming more and more popular as this function is well known for its ability to ease backaches and aid relaxation from hours of sitting.

Because gamers spend most of their time seated, using a chair that allows for a high degree of recline is essential as this helps not only avoid possible back pain but also helps take the pressure off their spine, thus increasing comfort.

Some gaming chairs are designed to recline all the way to 180 degrees. This means that gamers can even take naps in between gaming sessions.

On the other hand, you’ll find very few office chairs that offer a full reclining position.

Most models feature a tilt mechanism that slightly tilts to around 20 degrees.

This might take a little bit of pressure off your back but clearly, it’s really not enough.

Gaming chairs also include a rocking mechanism that allows you to rock the chair back and forth. Some office chairs do as well.

The rocking function does help reduce the monotony of having your body aligned in a straight position all the time. This also helps ease the pressure off your back.

So overall, in terms of design and aesthetics, gaming chairs take the win. Gamers think they are cool and stylish.

Office chairs may offer much-needed comfort and support, but gaming chairs deliver a much more superior performance thanks to their well-crafted design.

2. Comfort and Support

Sitting for extended periods can lead to back pain, back muscle aches and stiffness, as well as bad posture.

When it comes to gaming, you want a chair that will promote proper spinal alignment and good posture.

Both gaming chairs and office chairs are designed to provide superior comfort and support.

However, the level of comfort and support provided by standard office chairs is simply not adequate.

Most standard office chairs don’t have enough padding on the back, seat, or armrests.

They also don’t include a recline function, not to mention that some have shorter backs which means taller users may not find them comfortable.

This doesn’t mean all office chairs are like this. Most reputable and popular models offer these features and so much more.

You'll find that most of the even recline, swivel 360 degrees, and some have mesh backs that increase their breathability.

The truth is, both gaming and office chairs are comfortable and can be used for hours without the risk of developing back pain and fatigue.

However, the kind of comfort and support provided by gaming chairs is far more superior compared to office chairs.

It’s hard to find an office chair that offers the same comfort features offered by gaming chairs.

Overall, both chairs are excellent when it comes to supporting your back health. But you would be much better off with a gaming chair since it’s designed with gamers in mind.

Furthermore, the design of gaming chairs is more geared towards enhancing a gamer's gaming experience by keeping them comfortable during their long gaming sessions.

NB: For big and tall gamers, it’s imperative that you find a gaming chair that will accommodate your size and weight.

The good news is that there are so many viable options to choose from.

3. Adjustability

One of the most important features in any chair is the adjustability of components like backrest, armrests, tilt, height, and seat.

We all know that when it comes to chairs, there is nothing like one-size-fits-all.

So when a chair has adjustable functions, it becomes much easier to customize it according to your size, height, and of course, comfort needs.

Both office and gaming chairs have adjustable features like armrests, backrest adjustments, height adjustment, seat adjustment, and recline function adjustment.

Perhaps the only difference between the two is that some office chairs do not have a reclining function, so there are obviously no adjustment features.

Otherwise, it might be a little bit hard to determine what chair wins as far as adjustability is concerned.

As for the reclining function, most office chair users might not necessarily need this function, especially in the workplace.

Gamers, on the other hand, may find this function particularly helpful as they tend to spend more hours seated.

4. Price and Value for Money

Both gaming and office chairs come in a wide range of prices.

There are cheaper and high-end models whose difference is marked by the features, quality, upholstery, and others.

When it comes to gaming chairs, it's often easy to see the differences between cheaper and expensive models.

For example, cheaper models may be covered in cheap upholstery while high-end models are often covered in premium PU leather that doesn’t wear off quickly.

Another less noticeable difference is the quality of padding as high-end models are stuffed with high quality and long-lasting foam padding compared to their counterparts.

And of course, high-end models will include more advanced features and are clearly more sleek and cool in terms of design and style.

The same goes for office chairs. Cheaper models are not usually as durable as expensive models.

When you compare the prices of both chairs, we can say that gaming chairs, especially the pro models are a little bit on the higher side. Most office chairs fall within an affordable range, although some high-end models can go for as much as 3 times the price of premium gaming chairs.

Of course, gaming chairs can be expensive, but it's easy to see the kind of value they offer through their top-level comfort, support, and durability. You are better off investing in an expensive gaming chair that will enhance your gaming experiences for years rather than invest in a cheap office chair that you'll probably ditch after just a few weeks of use.

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair- Verdict

There is no denying that gaming chairs offer far much more features and functions compared to office chairs.

As a gamer who spends lots of time on a chair, investing in a gaming chair is investing in your health.

You'll have more energy and feel more at ease on a gaming chair than on an office chair.

So if you ever have to decide which one is better-gaming chair vs office chair, always keep in mind that a gaming chair is all you need to take your gaming experience to the next level.

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