reviews Ficmax Gaming chair Review

Ficmax Gaming chair Review

When it comes to purchasing any gaming chair out there and most items as well, people always believe that high priced products are usually the very best.


But is that true in most cases, wait until you meet the Ficmax gaming chair, a highly solid contender with absolutely great features curtailed for proper and relaxed gaming?

It is no time to think of the DXRaces anymore because the best choice is no longer far but right under your nose. No regret is a promise it makes.

Computer gaming can be fun and persuading such that you can prefer playing the entire day.

But does your health support that especially while sitting on an uncomfortable seat?

No, It doesn’t. Back pains are such great inconvenience when it comes to prolonged sitting. That’s why the Ficmax Company is chipping in to offer you the most ultimate solution.

Like the many high priced gaming chair out there, this brand and design bear high-quality feature characteristics you will need as a gamer. This review explains in more in-depth detail, how this feature makes the entire product a must get.

Product Description

At a simple glance of it, you will notice how professionally its structural appearance is. First of all, you will see it comes in different color bearing the Ficmax logo at its headrest pad and also lumbar cushion.

Looking further, you will notice, its great structure composing of highly valuable features. You will see its wide and also thick armrests, reclining backrest, high-quality PU leather covering a better section of the seat itself, giving it a very decent and professional appearance.

When you try experiencing it, you will notice its supportive and retractable footrest beneath the seat. Also, you will experience an adjustable lumbar massage cushion which offers excellent support to your back. Thus, keeping its right position to avoid any trigger of back pains. In addition to this will be the also adjustable headrest which is of high support as well.

Its high-security lever gets supported by its highly sturdy metal frame, a level 4 cylinder measuring international standards, a heavy-duty base characterized the magnificent structure of the 5-star caster wheels. Hence, it comfortably can support 300 LB maximum weight capacity.

This chair offers multifunction operations including a 360-degree spin, making you reach other gaming equipment around. Also, tilts backward (rocking function) 90 and 180 degree.

For more super-comfort offer, the chair comes with a USB connection provision which provides an electric massage. Addition to this is a larger-sized seat cushioned with high-density foam.


Maximum weight capacity: 300 LB
Swivel: 360 degrees
Reclining: 90 to 180 degrees
Cover: PU leather type
Package Dimensions: 33.8″(W) x 11.8″(D) x 25.5″(H)/ 86cm(W) x30cm(D) x65cm(H)
Massage: USB electric
Brand: Ficmax
Colour: Varied; black, grey, yellow, red etc.
Material: Alloy Frame, ABS Plastic and High-Density Foam
Dimensions (Connectors Encompassed): 20.8″(W) x 17.8″(D) x 50-53.1″(H)
Components: Seat Panel (20.8″ x 17.8″): 1 pc, Back Panel (34.2″ x 20.8″): Lumbar Support Massage: 1 pc, 1 pc, Footrest (14.2″x 8.5″): 1 pc, Five Star Base: 1 pc, Gas Cylinder with Shell: 1 pc, Seat& Back Connector Shell L&R: 2 pc, Armrest Set: 2 pcs

  • Key Features
  • Ultimate comfort: The Ficmax chair sources its high level of comfort from the following;
  • Ergonomic technics it has Lumbar support coming with USB connection to electric massage
  • Retractable footrest
  • Wide and thick armrests
  • Larger-size seat cushioned with high-density foam
  • Soft headrest pillow
  • Top Quality material makes:
  • High-quality PU leather usually dirt-resistant as well as fade-resistant
  • 4.8-inch thickness offering high resilience in addition to providing comfortable support.
  • A comfortable high-density foam
  • High-Security:
  • level 4 gas cylinder measuring international criteria
  • Strong metal frame
  • Heavy-duty chair with caster wheels base as well as the superb robust structure which can support 300 LB
  • Malfunction:
  • 360-degree spin
  • Straightforward height regulation of both the armrest as well as the seat
  • Rocking function
  • suitable retractable footrest
  • Backward tilting of between 90 and 180 degrees
  • removable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow
  • One year warranty: Here are the associated terms;
  • You can have the chair replaced or being refunded back within the first 30 days of the warranty period
  • One year warranty on parts
  • Lifespan warranty on frame

Ergonometric design
Easy to clean

Difficult to install

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Ficmax gaming chair?

This chair is one among its category which offers you all the comfort you need in your gaming room. It comes with great features including electric massage, 360 degrees swivel, reclining (between 90 and 180 degrees).

It has thick seat padding well cushioned and several other adjustment features such as armrest and seat heights. The rest of them may be familiar to most chairs in its category.

Who is it for?

Ficmax is purely for casual video/computer gamers who spend a lot of time playing these games.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy a genuine Ficmax gaming chair from any trusted supplier. It could be directly from their physical or online shops. You, however, need to be sure of the product’s specification and critical features before placing an order.

Another place could be from the second-hand dealers. Again this may never be the very best option as in most cases you would find the chair already worn out to some extent. Meaning, it might not be durable for you.

Any warranty information?

The chair comes with a 12 months warranty period. However, in the first 30 days into its purchase is when you can get a replacement of damaged parts or a money return.

Buying Advice

Only look for the original product. Confirm all the product’s specification and critical features before placing an order for it.


In brief, the Ficmax qualifies to among the top best and highly recommendable gaming chair any gamer should run to. Its professional artwork conforms and blends well with its high operative value, making it a number one choice for most users. More so, the chair comes at pocket-friendly rates; thus, many can afford it so quickly.

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