Ever Racer Gaming Chairs: Review

When high-end technology, professionalism, and experience meet, highly performing items like the ever racer gaming chairs emerge.

This brand, like no other in the industry, now has the most exclusively efficient, comfortable, and affordable gaming chairs with perfect ergonometric designs.

If a highly reliable competitor chair perfect for relaxed gaming is what you are looking for, then Ever Racer chairs could be your best next stop.

The fun in playing esports can be highly persuasive, and without keeping track of time, you might end up spending your entire day in it. Not even for a moment would you wish to pause your iRacing game for anything less appealing.

Typical racing chairs might not do well with you in this. They won’t allow you at least two hours consistence play without causing you back strains and aches.

When this is the condition of your chair, you need a quick upgrade. Try the Ever racer chairs for a real difference.

Categories of Ever Racer Gaming Chairs

Ever Racer chairs come in five distinct types. Each of these has its unique features summing up to their ultimate comfort and reliability when it comes to esport gaming. These categories are;

  • The ALPHA-R
  • Raptor-R
  • Thunderbird-R           
  • Martian-R
  • Scorpion Gaming Desk-R

Within each also, expect to find sub-categories designs, however, with Ever racer definitive features.

For a proper insight into how these chairs are, their functionality pros and cons, let's have a quick description of each. See the details below.


For all sitting postures you may have for a comfortable esport gaming, an excellent chair design you need is the Alpha-R series chairs.

From their structural construction to a quality finish, these quality chairs offer more than comfort and reliability that you need.

Those who have tested it before attest to its highly accommodative space, quality adjustment features, durability, and quality back support for any sitting position.

The Alpha-R series consists of 4 main models which include;


Alpha-R1 gaming chair


Alpha-R2 gaming chair


Alpha-R3 aming chair


Alpha-R4 gaming chair

The difference among these 4 is mainly patches of colors. The R1 is either black, R2 Blue, R3 Red, or R4 Dark Grey.

If you prefer made in Australia gaming assets, then Alpha-R series chairs would be your best choice to look for. 


The Raptor-R is another highly adorable chair series coming with prominent gaming features you wouldn’t want to miss. Within the series are six models; Raptor-R1 to R6.

Each being a highly elegant and stable design consisting of quality steel material, premium PU leather, and highly cozy padding.

Their base is a five star-shaped stand with smooth double-wheel rolling castors. They offer 95 -180 degrees reclination capability for added comfort; thus, you can always choose the best angle you need for your gaming.

Additionally, these chairs grant ultimate back, neck, and arm support for maximum comfort – not even a 24 hour sit on it will bring you any muscle strain or pain.

The Raptor-R is for those after a highly flexible, easy to manipulate gaming chair. ​

You can also choose your most preferred color as they are available in red, green, and orange.


This chair series minds not only quality of make and performance but price as well.

Despite their highly affordable prices , the Thunderbird gaming chairs come with exorbitantly luxurious features best in every racing game you will be playing.

Some of these include;


180 Reclination capability


Highly adjustment height features


Cozy padding for quality back, neck and arm support


Rust/ corrosion free Dual-castor wheels

Thunderbird-R chairs come in 16 different colors you can choose from. Otherwise, their comfort, flexibility, and durability measure cuts across the entire series.


Australian best office/gaming chair you can always get is the Martian-R series.

They exhibit professional design that fits either of these environments.

One most elite feature about them is their breathable PU leather material design and the 135-degrees tilt capability. Otherwise, the rest of its features comprise;



High adjustability: You can adjust its height and armrests


Five dual-wheel casters


Quality padding


PU leather material

From the six chair types available in this series, you can always pick your best one based on your color preference.

They generally share the same if not similar features.


If you like the Ever racer models a lot, you can move onto buying one of the most compatible play desk, the Scorpion Gaming desk-R.

t comes in a variety of models to choose from but, most importantly, offers you excellent compatibility with your Ever racing cool chairs. These two form the perfect gaming assets you can have.

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