Best Office Chairs For Less Than $500 Review (Most Comfortable)

Your office chair is an invaluable asset in its rights.
It plays a remarkable role in the everyday achievement of your work goals in the same way golf shoes do to a professional golfer.

None should be taken for granted. So if you must use one, which you must, use the most comfortable of them all!

So the question you need to ask is, ‘Do you spend your day swirling on a comfortable office chair turning your dreams into reality, or compromising your health and peace of mind courtesy of one you wish to divorce?'

There's more to your office chair's purpose than sitting, spinning, swiveling, slouching and stealing a quick nap in.

An amazing office chair should also allow you to reach various corners of your office without having to peel off from it now and then, make your office space enviable and allow you to slither under your desk when your workmates make embarrassing comments during brief meetings.

In essence, it should be the most versatile piece of furniture in your office, contributing positively towards the achievement of your goals, able to bear your weight, height and other unique needs.

As far as price is concerned, it must be worth every cent spent!

In this review, we share the sentiments of various professional office chair die-hards; those obsessed with having only best, disposing of such when a more-comfy arrival hits the market, and our able team.

Such wouldn't trade the cost of a chair for pain in their backs. The verbal testimonies of their necks, backs, arms, and bottoms would make better sense here.

But since that's not possible, penning this article is the only way to share overall views. We wish the latter was possible though.

Through this review, we seek to enlighten you on what office chairs qualify for the title, comfortable according to our research. We are guided by the question "Is your office chair a betraying piece of furniture or befitting asset?"

Top 12 Most Comfortable Office Chairs That Increase Your Rate Of Success In Your Daily Work Life

If you must settle for an office chair that is height, weight and shape biased, it should have some unforgettable features to compensate for what's missing without causing harm to your body.

Those in our list have such notable features. Our evaluation focuses on the presence of multifunctional levels, level of adjustability, response to occasional use, feel against user's skin, aesthetics, and overall comfort during use.

You have a choice between a simple but comfortable mesh fabric finishing types and those dressed in strong durable pleather; each chair going for less than $500.

The winners in the list of comfortable office chairs with breathable; mesh or linen fabric finishing include;

1. UREST Home Office Chair 

With a possible height adjustment of up to 3 inches and 10 degrees back and forth tilt while not insulting your spine's natural curvature, the UREST home office chair offers you ultimate rest.

This chair defines the unbeatable comfort desired in standard office work starting with its enduring thick seat and back cushion.

On mobility, the chair provides access to various parts of your office by swiveling all the way round while running on its strong casters.

To close the deal, you are treated to a smooth finishing made possible by the breathable and wear-resistant linen fabric that doesn't cling to your skin should you sweat or turn out hot.

Depending on your daily habits, you may want to go easy on leaning backwards on this chair. A number of our bigger testers lacked confidence in their ability to support their weight.

But otherwise, assembling it takes less than 20 mines. Pure pleasure. You can ignore the armrests if you desire the freedom to move without much concern.

But should you choose to keep them on, you are guaranteed fair flexibility. 

Though this chair isn't height-biased; accommodates 6' tall fellows without squirming, if you weigh more than 128 Kg, this chair isn't for you. Scroll further down, your possible suitor; the NKV Ergonomic Office Chair awaits you

2. MIERES Ergonomic  Chair

MIERES ergonomic chair passes for the ‘king of comfort and adjustability'.

You are looking at the ability to increase its height from 45.6 inches to 49.2 inches, tilting the backrest between 90 and 115 degrees and the armrests up to 90 degrees with a little fidgeting of a level and knob.

Its lumbar support is undebatable, knocking off every possibility of developing lower back pains.

In fact, this chair is built to persuade you to maintain a perfect sitting posture especially if you plan to burn the night oil on your laptop searching for a bug in your code.

Remember to take occasional breaks to stretch and refill your coffee mug.

Unlike most chairs in its price range, MIERES ergonomic office chair comes with an adjustable headrest to prevent neck pains and long-term complications.

It moves about 2 inches up and down with a much-needed angle maneuverability. That saves you the possible neck strain.

For your hips' comfort, the chair has adequate seat depth; 19.2 inches, good enough space to wiggle.

Surrounding the thick cushion, the finishing upholstery is tender mesh fabric that keeps your bottoms cool and at ease so you can enjoy every minute spent in it.

The back is also done with the same breathable mesh fabric to prevent possible heat retention if you tend to get warm while working.

Mieres ergonomic office chair is built to hold up to 130 Kg in weight and won't question your height even if you are 6 feet tall.

With its ease in assembling, you are presented with an adorable, inexpensive yet most comfortable office chair you can ever dream of.

3. Amazon Basics Mid-back Desk Chair 

Tired of using your garden chair as your office chair?AmazonBasics presents a medium sized chair for the not-so-tall or big users; those weighing below 124 Kg and 5.5 feet in height.

The back and seat of the chair are built with contoured mesh for breathability and unending comfort. Most of the other structure is strong plastic and a few metallic structures here and there.

In this list, this office chair is the easiest to put together since it lacks a headrest and separate lumbar support.

The nylon T-shaped armrests are fixed to deliver addition hand support but you can do without them if you are on the taller side of the population. Your elbows may never reach them anyway.

Despite being built for smaller people, it has a pneumatic seat-height adjustment facility that also allows you to increase or reduce the height of your chair when the need arises.

To enjoy a little backward tilt when at resting state, you must set the tilt angle using the tilt-tension knob under the seat. That way, you can rock back and forth as you read a story or nap.

It is durable dual-wheel casters ensure smooth-rolling around your office so you don't have to stand up for no good reason. Take advantage of them and slide through your day!

4. NKV Ergonomic Best Computer Chair 

With the ever-increasing wave of disinterest in working from office buildings, many people now prefer hanging around co-working spaces or working from home.

That's how the NKV ergonomic office chair has scooped its fame.

First, it occupies less space at the table hence a suitable change of environment from the usual bulky beanbag common in co-working spaces.

That guarantees you over 10 hours of coding, writing, drawing, and editing without inviting unseen long-term spine complications as is common with most office chairs and beanbags.

The chair has an almost-naked back with just above sufficient touch of breathable mesh fabric reinforcement for improved air circulation.

Your back won't accumulate heat at any one time. On adjustability, NKV ergonomic office chair is fitted with an adjustable headrest built to accommodate various heights and prevent neck strain and pain.

Below the headrest is a devoted curvature to keep your lower back in shape for the work ahead.

It also has a tilt lock function to facilitate for setting the angle at which your leaning back is possible when you need to take a break from the upright position or take a nap.

Its height is adjustable allowing you to keep your feet on the floor and at safe angling. It has the ability to support up to 181 kg in weight; that's just about everyone in the world.

Despite its simple design, the chair has a flip-up armrest that can either be omitted during assembly or lifted all the way to keep it out of your way.

But if you desire to perch your arm on it, it is firm and comfortable enough to hold your hands in position, even though it is not padded.

Flipping up the armrests also allows you to slide this chair under a standard work desk when you need that intimate touch with your work.

Beside all these outstanding features, NKV ergonomic office chair is among the easiest to assemble bearing in mind it does not have much meat to it.

You won't need extra tools to put it together. Consider it a chair that accounts for your long-term comfort, health and wealth.

Due to their small to medium size, these chairs are best suited for small offices where every square foot counts.

They tend to inspire productivity and focus due to their simplicity. They can be used by old and young alike as long as at the end of the day the desired output is achieved.

The reviewers who voted for these breathable fabric office chairs were mostly people who worked long hours in the same sitting positions and tended to get warm or sweaty as time passed.

They also stated that since the chairs weren't too flashy, there was no time to get diverted and over-imagine things.

The temptation to turn to the game, watching movies and browsing the web went down to almost zero.

The chairs seemed to encourage them to focus on their goals now that possible pains and distractions were out of the way.

Beyond these affordable and comfortable office chairs with breathable fabric finishing, we turn our attention to those with strong pleather finishing.

They have that exquisite look, incomparable comfort, multiple customization options. These chairs change how people visiting your office react to your kind of life. Here they are.

5. Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Swivel Desk Chair

If you are given to leather-like finishing in glowing color preferences, AmazonBasics high-back executive office chair gives you a variety to choose from; brown, black and white shades.

The great cushioning implemented on the seat and back allows you to endure over 8 hours of working on your project without needing to shift about seeking comfort.

Should you choose to rock back and forth on its strong nylon casters, you are assured of the sweet feeling of grandma's rocking chair, but on a softer base.

You are also guaranteed of excellent back support courtesy of the high curved contours on the backrest.

The chair's height adjustability allows you to access an extra 3.5 inches length from the original 41.34 inches original height. Unfortunately, the armrests are fitted with no chances of rising or falling.

But to cover up for that, they are built with a comforting gentle curve. The back and seat finishing is done with artificial leather of rational quality.

This AmazonBasics executive swivel office chair can hold a maximum weight capacity of 125 Kg hence taking care of a fair portion of the world population.

6. YOUNBO High Back Leather Executive Office Seat

Looking for a top-dollar look-alike office chair at an extra-affordable price?

YOUNBO high back executive office chair has got your back!
The chair embodies high-level adjustability. It allows you to raise or lower the seat so your thighs can flow parallel to the floor and your feet not dangling in the air.

That gives you up to 22 inches off the floor when raised from the original height of 18 inches.

Its backrest enables you to recline from 90 degrees down to 122 with great lumbar support that gives your spine excellent posture.

The neck support has tilt control to cater to various ways you may need to place your head.

As for the armrests, they are low enough to allow you to slide the chair under a standard desk whenever you need to sit close to your desk with your legs tucked under.

They come with free pads that are detachable though the armrest itself is fixed to ensure that you do not hunch as you work. That makes it the most suitable office chair for people who experience chronic back and neck pains.

Despite the low price, YOUNBO office chair does not compromise on comfort. The chair is fitted with memory foam on the seat cushion and covered with high quality waterproof faux leather that is easy to clean and maintain.

This could cause a little warmth on your bottom and back though; a good reason to keep your office cool. The chair can accommodate up to 149 Kg in weight.

Overall, with all screws and tools provided and well labeled, assembling it is a delight. You won't resist taking a 360-degree spin on this priceless beauty.

Its smooth-rolling is such a thrill, not to mention the tender hugging you get from its design.

7. Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Desk Chair

Right from first glance, this office chair seeks to deliver a boss-like feeling regardless of where your office is; home or away.

Its general engineering is top-notch; a firm padded back, cushioned headrest, fixed but padded and curved armrests all encompassed with supple bonded leather upholstery for a sleek look and longevity. Who can dare dethrone you now?

But first, let's break it down further to see the intimate details before you buy it.
This executive AmazonBasics chair has three adjustment points.

First, you are provided with the opportunity to raise its seat height from the standard 18.75 inches to 22.25 inches using the pneumatic control lever underneath.

Then there's the lumbar support adjusting knob on the right side of the backrest ensuring that your lower back has the support of your liking regardless of your height.

Finally, there's a tilt mechanism with locking adjustment to set your chair tilts at a favorable angle to suit your working environment. It favors big and tall users with a weight capacity of up to 158 Kg.

Though it might take close to 45 minutes to assemble when you do the work alone, you are guaranteed of uncompromised comfort.

It's worth spinning on those hooded caster wheels several times around your office. It's a kill!

8. Amazon Basics Bonded Leather High-back Office chair 

When your work-life translates to long hours of drumming your laptop to earn an honest living, consider treating yourself to a chair that understands your pains. Read physical, aesthetic and financial pains.

While this office chair seems rather basic at a glance, a fair number of our testers and die-hards who spent hours in it through the test week found it rather enticing.

Its adjustability is left to height management which goes all the way up to 27 inches, rather tall for such a chair, and the lockable tilt mechanism.

It further compensates for the denied joys through the use of heavy padding on the backrest and seat.

Better still, the seat depth is a whopping 19 inches with the portion interacting with the reverse side of your knees bearing extra- thickened cushion for better hugging of your bottoms and more comfort.

With a weight capacity of 124 Kg, it's obvious that the seat is built for people with smaller bodies. It favors that way under 5.10 feet tall.

Don't let its beauty scare you from bringing it home; assembling it is fast and easy as it comes partially assembled with no need for tools.

But when complete, you are presented with an exquisite nylon-based office chair wrapped in supple bonded leather for ease of cleaning and maintenance, embodied in a captivating design.

9. Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Plush Leather Chair

On matters concerning office furniture, being tall and big-bodied can turn out to be a curse rather than a blessing.

You are faced with furniture that is too small, too tight, too low, too weak and too awkward to bear your presence.

They all make you look like a misplaced giant. But Boss B991 office chair remedies all that.

Built to withstand up to 158 Kg, the chair stands on a 27-inch brushed metal 5-star base to deliver unbeatable stability instead of the usual 25-inch.

It stands on 3-inch dual-wheel casters to bear your weight whether you are swiveling in excitement, rocking in deep thoughts, leaning for a quick exchange of ideas or holding still in one spot to concentrate on something important.

You can even place your entire weight in this chair and take a nap without fear of breaking it.

It further has a 6-inch adjustable height range supported by a heavy-duty pneumatic gas lift to allow you to adjust the chair's height to meet your various needs.

Added to that is a tilt mechanism with infinite locking adjustment to deliver the tilt angle you desire to lean to when you are taking a break from the upright posture.

Though fixed, its armrest comes up with a slight curve and is reinforced with soothing cushioning to deliver sufficient hand and arm support when you are on reading or thinking mode.

To safeguard your lower back against possible strain, you are treated to in-built lumbar support topped with curved contours to seal the deal.

Your body enjoys extra coziness from a second layer of cushioning added to your back and seat support.

Boss B991 delivers uncompromised comfort courtesy of its lustrous style; plush leather finishing for the entire upholstery that your back, bottom, and arms come in contact with.

The chair comes in three color options; classic black, bomber brown and gray. Your daily sitting demands are delivered to you on a budget.

10. Norwood Commercial Furniture Executive Chair

Your work life doesn't have to sound like a jail sentence; sitting in a chair you hate, bearing pain you wish you could get rid of while trying to please your clients.

With Norwood executive chair, you are introduced to the much needed luxurious flavor in your office; whether in a dedicated commercial building or the extra room at home.

Unlike other office chairs, Norwood executive chair is equipped with flip-up arms that go all the way up and out of your way to allow you to carry your pet or instrument on your laps as you work.

It suits you best if your work involves moving your hands from the laptop to another object off your desk where extra space between the desk and chair is required.

The flip-up arms also allow you to slide the chair under your desk to give an intimate focus on a job that needs you close to the desk.

The chair has a tall back to cater to the needs of the vertically-endowed users and well-padded seat to suit whichever body-type you find yourself in. Its weight capacity goes up to 158 Kg.

For height adjustment and occasional leaning, this chair presents you with the pneumatic height lever to lower or raise the seat to the desired level and a locking-tilt mechanism to allow you lean backward.

The rolling casters mounted on the 5-star base allow for smooth swiveling around the office to relax.

The entire chair's upholstery is made of pleather hence easy to maintain and clean. As for the frame, nylon gives you adequate sturdiness.

11. Zenith Ergonomic PU Leather Mid Back Executive Office Chair 

The back and the bottom-hugging chair comes in an almost-plain and easy to ignore look, something you may have seen in almost every boardroom.

It is built for mid-sized people who spend at least a third of their day sitting actively doing their projects. You are looking at web developers, video editors, auditors and writers.

The chair has a weight capacity of up to 138 Kg confirmed by the presence of heavy-duty base adorned with silenced rolling PU casters.

That allows possible swiveling and rolling around your office. The best-fitting height would be someone with not more than 5.5 feet in height judging from the seat depth.

But if you have long legs, you may want to let this chair go, otherwise, your thighs won't enjoy the seat.

It has great lumbar support backed by thick cushioning both on the back and seat which guarantees you of the hugging feeling.

Note, the front part of the seat is thicker than the rest of the chair meaning better care for your things and feet.

Like other office chairs in this list, this one has a height adjustability lever and a tilt lock mechanism too. Together, they allow you to rock back and forth as you work.

Given its provoking pleather finishing, executive size, comfort, and stability it delivers.

12. Homall Ergonomic High Back Chair 

The Homall executive high back office chair aims to keep you focused on your work as long as you desire.

Coming in two colors; brown and white, the chair's elegant design won't let you walk out on your chance to convert your home office into the coziest place to work from.

To begin with, it has a unique sunken seat space surrounded by think flesh to provide a seductive sitting experience for the many hours you are going to be in it.

That doesn't mean exposure to the tough wood in the seat, the cushion is adequate. The seat depth reads 19.2 inches with a raised front edge to comfort the back of your knees.

The chair's back is heavily padded to soothe your spine while ensuring correct posture throughout the long working hours.

For long-lasting comfort on your hands, the chair comes with curved padded armrests running 18.6 inches long and 3 inches wide, much longer and wider than the average armrest.

On height adjustments, Homall executive office chair provides a rise from 13.7 inches to 17.4 inches for the seat, adequate for people whose height is above 5.5 feet and a weight capacity of up to 138 Kg.

That explains its large-sized setting. The chair is able to rock back and forth between the usual upright posture; 90 degrees and 122 degrees.

The pleather finished office chairs though affordable, elegant and comfortable may not fit in your home office.

They tend to occupy a lot of space. Consider evaluating the available space in your designated home office before settling for one.

Most people find them more suitable for boardrooms, large home offices and spacious offices with less furniture.

But if you desire to make a statement, of class, before your clients, these chairs will do that loud and clear. Not everyone can differentiate pleather from cowhide leather anyway.


When all is said and done, the chair you settle for should make your work life more exciting. It should help achieve greater financial, mental and health output every single day.

The office chairs in this list were not only tested for several hours during the test week, but more data was collected from those who had used them for a longer time.

Every chair that had a comfortable seat and back cushion at the time of purchase and still delivers services similar or close to such a year or two down the line earned a position in the list.

If the pneumatic gas lift had been refilled more than once in less than one year, casters fell out, back or seat broke, it failed the test. The chairs examined were those whose use exceeded 8 hours a day, six days a week.

The most comfortable office chairs endure rigorous use while maintaining the much-needed service.

That means it doesn't compromise the purchase date's elegance, unbeatable coziness, opportunities of customization and durability promised in the manual.

And on matters appertaining to costs, it spares you the agony of falling for the so-called ‘big brands' that charge awkward prices while delivering a chair you would otherwise get for less.

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