Boulies gaming Chair Review 2020 (UPDATED)

Are you ready to take your gaming level a notch higher with the super best gaming chair in town?

            Top Boulies Gaming Chair of 2020

Welcome to the Boulies, a highly reputable chair consisting of top gaming/ office chair series featuring all the exclusive features you need.

These are high-end ergonometric chairs designed to accommodate all body sizes and still offer highly acceptable performance at either work or gaming environment.

One most admirable feature of Boulies chair is a quality body support. Its backrest is a unique design conforming entirely to the shape of your backbone.

Addition to this comfort is its ultimate padding. The chair features a tremendous cushioning supporting the head, neck, back and armrest. Sitting on this chair only releases you of fatigue and makes you enjoy your work or gaming more.

Key Features of Boulies chair

The Boulies chair series consists of four significant models; the Ninja Series, Ninja Pro Series, Master Series and Elite series.

Despite having distinctive feature elements defining each, they still have shared features we are going to look at.

They include:

  • Quality material: The Boulies chairs features a high-quality microfiber suede that is soft, comfortable and most importantly, strong. Being an anti-friction material, it feels smooth when changing postures on it.
  • Quality Performance: The chair offers a wide recline angle of between 90 to 180 degrees. This tilt is often a multifunctional mechanism causing smooth operation. It comes with four directions adjustable armrests. It also comes with built-in lumbar support.
  • Racing Inspired Aesthetic: The cool and fascinating design of this chair; from quality leather to its adorable design makes it such an elegant choice for your work or gaming rooms. If you mind aesthetic setup, then this could be your very best choice.
  • Five dual soft spinning castor wheels: This feature grants absolute stability and comfortable around and about 
  • movements while seated in the chair.  

These and among other finer features makes this brand a highly reputable one, and a must get for most.

Boulies chair series

Below is a details discussion on each of Boulies series chairs

The Ninja Series

Compact and parallel, that is a Ninja Series chair. If you haven’t tested out this series yet then most likely you lack experience on what ideal comfort and convenience are.

This is one ergonometric design chair coming with endless comfort features covered in a highly fascinating finish.

Its structure consists of a quality steel frame which offers excellent support for a wide variety of body weights. Like the rest of the Boulies chairs, it is best for both office and gaming environments.

The following are more of its features:

  • Quality material: Quality steel for its skeleton structure, top-class PU leather, Cold-cure foam (Seat) plus regular foam
  • Tilt tension adjustment
  • 2D armrest adjustment
  • Full-length backrest adjustment
  • Height adjustment and Tilt locking switch
  • Class-4 Gas Lift
  • Lumbar and head pillow
  • 360° swivel

This series goes for only $230. You can get yours early before the stock runs out.

Ninja Pro Series

The Pro series is an upgrade from the Ninja version. Its main distinctive features now include;

  • Improved set cushion material
  • Full functional adjustments
  • Pro design and Luxurious make materials
  • The rest of its technical features comprise;

  • 4D armrests: The arms are adjustable in 8 different ways, thus supporting wrist and elbow.
  • Aluminium base
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Class-4 Gas lift
  • Water-resistant, breathable, long-lasting High-quality leather covering.
  • Two years limited warranty with a 14-day return
  • The Pro series is available in varied colours; black, red, white and green. It is only from genuine suppliers that you can get an original model of this chair.

    Master Series

    Master is another high-end office and gaming chair design with the perfect features for ultimate comfort and convenience.

    The high premium chair has more emphasis on its cushioning, which consists of high-end regular foam that supports long times of sitting.

    Its lumbar support is easily adjustable with a simple clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of a knob.

    Other features it has included;

  • Velour Pillow
  • Class-4 Gas lift
  • 4D armrests
  • Aluminium base
  • Ultra-flex PU leather
  • If you mind the colour, the master series come in four main types; black, white, red and blue

    Elite series

    Elite brags of its 30% thicker seat cushion compared to the regular gaming chairs. Absolute comfort and support are what it grantees from its classy and optimal balanced design. 

    Those who want a differently excellent sitting experience at office or gaming room this is an ideal model for it.

    The chair comes with all the necessary height and support adjustment features, descent stitching, quality padding and ample accommodation for all users.

    Main features of Elite series

    • Multi-functional adjustable design
    • Full-length backrest adjustment
    • Eight ways 4D armrest adjustment
    • Height adjustment
    • Tilt tension adjustment
    • Tilt locking lever
    • Aluminium base
    • Memory foam pillow
    • Class-4 Gas lift

    Elite Series comes with a two year warranty period characterised by a 14 day return period. It is only available in two colours; black and white.

    Boulies Chair is a top contestant in the struggle of being the best gaming/ office chair.

    You can always count onto its model chairs as of being top-rated and high-end. However, you must purchase any of them from a reliable supplier to ensure their originality.

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