Top 30 Gaming Chairs Of 2020

Recommended Chairs

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Best for Pro Gamers
  • Soft and Durable

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Fits most Body type.
  • Long Term Comfort.
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Superior Ergonomic Features.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • Perfect chair for Gaming
  • Affordable Price 
  •  High quality material with Multi functions

Every sworn hardcore gamer knows the importance of owning the best gaming chair.

Their gaming zone is a throne approached in utter reverence and only by a chosen few.

They play for the thrill as a matter of priority, everything else; winning included, is an added advantage.
Unlike wrestlers and soccer players, pain and play in the gaming world don’t correlate.

Besides spending their hard-earned moola on the best laptop, cool headphones and all, they understand the value of a Best gaming chair.

What qualifies a chair for being the best gaming chair to a gamer?

Hardcore gamers say, “Comfort is king!”

But one gamer’s comfort is another one’s nightmare. In the list of best racing chairs below, you will see that we are keen to indicate suitable weight and height.

We neither hold beef against heavy set gamers nor hate the skinny type, not at all.
In fact, we have nothing against the vertically endowed comrades or underestimate the short team.

Our research is guided by the fact that if you are a heavy seat and end up buying a chair which is built for the featherweights; you will soon need to replace it.

We also hate to see the shoulders of a tall gamer popping above the headrest. That’s a waste of resources.

What About Ergonomic Chairs?

Ergonomic chairs have what it takes to make a number of gamers happy.
But there is more to it than the cute relationship between the gamer and ergonomic office chair.

If you are an entry level gamer, this might just be it. But for anyone who has been to the gamers’ school of hard knock, the ‘it’ chair must conform to their gaming appetite.

That’s where the height and weight of a gamer resurfaces. So, when going through the list of 30 best Gaming chairs below, watch out also for the comfort guidelines addressed.

Note the information on armrests, headrest, back support, footrest and how the chair feels against your butt.
All these determine your level of concentration while racing and how you feel after hours of indulging.

A great gaming chair delivers your taste of comfort whether you are playing Planks and Zombies with your neighbor’s son or raising hell in Collin Mcrae’s Dirt Rally 2.0 with the squad!

It doesn’t punish you for sitting in it for hours; yet, it’s long-lasting without compromising your bank account’s faithfulness.

Now that you know what to look for, which chair will you take home tonight?

List Of Top 30 Seats Of 2020 Review (Reddit Recommendation)

Secretlab Omega 2018 Softweave Fabric Cookies & Cream Gaming Chair

Great quality chair to relax the back.

Secretlab does have a secret when it comes to delivering comfort.
For support, the chair features blue-ribbon cold-cured foam; don’t worry if it feels hard at first, it relaxes with time.

The one-of-a-kind chair reclines all the way; 180 degrees, allowing you to nap at will courtesy of the comfort delivered by the lumbar and head pillows.

Its seat is made from dense short-yarn giving you a soft feathery feel that your butt will respect you for. It is designed to accommodate your body shape while giving you advanced side support.

Omega is designed with Class 4 Hydraulics for steadiness while allowing you to keep your feet flat on the floor. If you are shorter than 5’7, use a footstool to give your feet a resting point.

Secretlab does have a secret when it comes to delivering comfort.

For support, the chair features blue-ribbon cold-cured foam; don’t worry if it feels hard at first, it relaxes with time.
The one-of-a-kind chair reclines all the way; 180 degrees, allowing you to nap at will courtesy of the comfort delivered by the lumbar and head pillows.

Its seat is made from dense short-yarn giving you a soft feathery feel that your butt will respect you for. It is designed to accommodate your body shape while giving you advanced side support.

Omega is designed with Class 4 Hydraulics for steadiness while allowing you to keep your feet flat on the floor. If you are shorter than 5’7, use a footstool to give your feet a resting point.

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Noble chairs Epic Gaming Chair

Smartest Gamer Chair

Take your gaming life to a whole new level with the most adjustable chair you have ever seen.
This Noble chair is built with a racing car seat mind; you can race for hours without needing to shift your weight.

Don’t let the dazzling design; high-quality stitches on the sleek artificial leather finishing stop you, it is one of the least complicated seats to assemble.

You will do it in 20 minutes. Before you know it, you will be fitting those sturdy wheels that will allow you glide as you wish around your game zone.

At purchase, the chair may feel hard and uncomfortable to sit in, but after a week of use, you won’t want to part ways.

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GT RACING Best PC Gaming Chair

Mid range Ergonomic Chair

The ergonomic aspect of this chair allows it to accommodate all types of body shapes with a comforting hug.

Its adjustable backrest allows you to recline at angles between 90 and 170 degrees; enough to allow snooze in it. Don’t forget its thrilling 360-degrees swivel ability accompanied by smooth-rolling casters.

Despite its light weight; 50 pounds, compared to other brands, GT RACING racing chair can hold a gamer of up to 300 pounds!

It is equipped with soft removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion that accommodates even gamers living with disabilities.

GT RACING chair comes in black color but has well placed red patches giving it the executive look for the throne of a hardcore gamer.

Bearing in mind you may need to snack while playing, the chair’s finishing features easy to clean PU leather.

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Secretlab Titan Softweave Fabric Cookies & Cream 

Most Comfortable Computer Chair

Titan embraces a unique technology of giving your back the much-needed support by a simple turn of a knob instead of using a separate cushion.
The soft cotton headrest pillow gives you a lavish velvet feel.

As for the outer fabric, the Secretlabs Softweave fabric is made with durability and breathability in mind.
It allows the release of hot air generated by your body while playing for long hours.

The chair comes with added cushioning and supports courtesy of a thick layer of cold-cure foam upgrading its ergonomic capabilities.

It also allows reclining to a napping position. Should you choose to sit up, this chair allows you to keep your feet flat on the floor. It can hold up to 290 pounds of a gamer’s weight.

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Homall Computer Gaming Chair

For Good seating experience

Worried about heating up during the long playing hours?

Homall chair has premium mesh on the seating to lower heat and moisture concentration. Its backrest also has two eye-like holes to air your back. Some brands use PU material instead, which is equally good for your comfort.
Despite its low weight, 35.8 pounds, it has a weight capacity of 280 pounds.

The seating experience you’ve been longing for.

It features comfy padded armrests, ample sitting space, and a thick headrest; suitable for a majority of long-hours gamers. It extends comfort to a 360-degrees swivel, good enough when you need to celebrate a win.

Don’t worry about making scratches on the floor; it rolls in silence while leaving no marks behind!

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Herman Miller Embody Comfortable Chair

Top Quality Herman Millar Chair For Office and Gaming

Available in over 15 colors, Herman Miller Embody is a 51-pound chair that seems too simple to handle a gamer’s life. It is the level of consideration that is a great catch.

The technology behind it takes care of pressure distribution as you indulge in your game for hours; your movements and spine alignment are in good hands.

No matter how much you wiggle, the lumbar piece stays in place giving you the freedom to move. It ensures that you don’t give up playing after a back injury.

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Killabee Big & Tall Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Thoughtfully built to deliver comfort to heavy set gamers

Unlike other racing seats that favor tall and slender while ignoring the heavy set, KILLABEE gamers chair is equipped with a height adjustment knob at the bottom of the seat.

As a spoiler, it swivels to 360-degrees and reclines between a sitting 90 degrees position and a rest mode of 155 degrees.

Use the angle adjusting lever to take advantage of all the other positions in between.

Being ergonomic, the chair features high-density memory foam seat cushion, 3-D adjustable armrests and removable memory foam for your lumbar cushion.

The huge Grey-metal base chair weighs slightly over 56 pounds and has a ‘boss’ feel, giving your gaming throne a heroic look! You can count on its carrying capacity; 400 pounds in particular.

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AutoFull Big and Tall PC Chair

The Affordable racing seat

Built by official sponsor of RNG, NewBee among other pro teams, AutoFull gaming chair prides in being over 8% larger than its competitors. It is built with the big and tall gamers weighing about 400 pounds, in mind.

Unlike other chairs meant for big-bodied gamers that recline up to a risky 155 degrees, Autofull pushes the comfort further by including 25 degrees rocking ability.

It also favors the shorter gamers with an adjustable anti-collapse sponge seat, and U-shaped armrest with PU wrapped setting that rotates sideways.

The chair has anti-skid PU clothing on the wheels to protect the floor and keep it’s rolling smooth. Talk of total safety mentality!

The ergonomic AutoFull chair is reinforced with a whole-in-one metal frame assuring your back of luxurious comfort.

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DANSITWELL Best Gaming Seat for adults

Smart Ergonomic Chair for Players

If you have a back that goes out more often than you do and feet that swell minutes after sitting on a chair, DANSITWELL has your back and legs.

Though the chair comes with removable headrest and lumbar cushion to comfort your back, the catch is in the retractable footrest.

Say goodbye to swelling feet! As if that’s not enough, the seating is equipped with very thick high-density high resilience sponge.
The armrests are U-shaped, embracing your arm and elbow to the desired position, not to mention, it is adjustable.

Speaking of adjustability, the DANSITWELL Best gaming chair allows your back to rest at 180 degrees, chill in between and sit upright when the game demands such.

It also gives you the chance to make a 360-degree swivel when you shoot the bad guy. The mute PU wheels will make sure your floor remains unscathed as you enjoy the moment.

It allows you to rock at up to 20 degrees and adjust the height of the chair as per your taste. As for the cleaning, take it easy, the PU leather finishing says it all.

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Eurotech Ergohuman Executive chair with headrest

Best pc gaming chair

Eurotech Ergohuman executive chair is highly adjustable yet doesn’t seem to have much at a glance.
You could say, ‘It under promises and over delivers.’

If you are blessed with long legs, chances are other gaming seats leave you feeling like you are sitting on air.

Not this chair. You can adjust the depth of the sit. That favors the shorter people too.

The seat adjustability goes on to include a backrest recline that is present to go to a certain degree and a back height adjustment that improves your lumbar support.

Its height can be adjusted to favor both tall and short gamers. The armrest’s height can also be regulated.

From a side view, the chair looks like a robot; more bone than flesh. But the front and back view confirms its simplicity, the entire headrest, backrest, and seating meshes.

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DXRacer OH/RV001/NW Best Racing Series

Recommended DX Racer Chair

If you are a below 6’ in height and weighing less than 200 pounds, this chair would love to go home with you tonight.

It is built to hug your body in one position as you take a detour through your favorite game.
Though built for lightweight gamers, it has a strong aluminum base keeping you safe and steady as you play.

Its lumbar and neck pillows are detachable giving you the choice to use them as you wish.

The finishing is done with PU leather making it easy for you to clean up the diet cola stains.

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Nokaxus Large Size Seat

Budget Friendly Racing Chair

Any heavy-set gamer will tell you that finding a comfortable gaming chair at an affordable price is an uphill task.

That’s a fact. It’s difficult to tell if the chair can bear your weight without turning the scene to a disaster.

The Nokaxus chair puts the needs of such gamers into consideration by installing full steel frame in the backrest to safely bear 360 pounds.

The backrest is wide enough and heavily cushioned to deliver excellent support.

Besides its 360-degree swivel ability, it dares to recline in four different levels; 90, 130, 150 and 180 degrees.

You can choose to sit up and work, take a chilled break, watch a movie or take a nap respectively.
It is built with a retractable footrest and large size USB waist massage back pillow.

It has large-sized PU wheels that keep your floor safe while the PU leather finishing makes it light maintenance as far as hygiene is concerned.

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DXRacer OH/DF73/NC Drifting Series

DXracer Chair – The Gamers Choice

If you are looking for a soft and comfy office chair for your gaming throne, this isn’t your chair.
OH/DF73/NC is made with a rally driver in mind; the overall feel of the chair is tough and has no plans of a break in any time soon.

When you consider the assurance of durability, it’s worth the price.

The high-quality ergonomic chair offers you the opportunity to vary its height, recline its backrest to about 150 degrees and pull its armrests a few inches high.

The lower back cushion is large, adjustable and easy to get rid of in a matter of seconds. The head cushion takes the feel of the chair; tough, it may be uncomfortable to some gamers.

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DXRacer OH/DM61/NWR Drifting series

The Drifting Series from DXracer

Sitting in a chair that leaves your legs dangling in the air is annoying regardless of all the other levels of comfort.

The OH/DM61/NWR series is designed with gamers’ varying heights in mind. Think about it; the gas spring allows you to reduce or increase its height as per your desire.

But the game doesn’t end there; this ergonomic chair comes with higher backrest to keep your neck and spine in position.

Its cushions; head and lumbar, are removable allowing you to stage your comfort the way you like it.

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DXRacer OH/FD99/N Formula Series

Most Comfortable Racing Seat

Chair manufacturers that pay attention to details know that the most adjustable chair can also become the most uncomfortable of them all.

That’s why this DXRacer series delivers enough comfort even with limited adjustability.

You can only adjust the height of the armrests and the backrest to about 150 degrees.

But don’t let that fool you, the chair offers steady strength from its 5-point aluminum base and can vary in height.

If you are about 5’8 in height, take this chair with you. It is built with lightweight gamers in mind; no more than 200 pounds and BMI 25.

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VON RACER Best Massage Reclining  Chair

Top treat gaming chair for extra tall gamers

It’s easy to assume that all posh racing seats with added accessories are meant for heavy set gamers.

The VON RACER chair defies all odds to bring comfort to the extra tall lightweights.
It has a massage lumbar cushion to comfort your back, thickened armrest and a thick but soft seat cushion to go along with.

Its backrest reclines between 90 and 175 degrees while giving you the usual 360 degrees swivel. Its lumbar and headrest pillows are detachable.

Three things stand out in this chair; the presence of a retractable cushioned footrest, the PU –easy to clean leather finishing and the gentle hug you get from the extra high backrest supporting your neck and spine.

A surprise add-on, the armrests move even when you are in the recline position.

If you are 6’4 and wanting to redefine your gaming life, this chair is for you.

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Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL200 Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Best computer chair

On a lucky day, you could come across a racing chair with multiple adjustable functionalities, yet, so easy to assemble.

Vertagear Racing SL2000 focuses on ergonomics, beauty, and functionality.

It’s built for tall people hence the high backrest for your neck, shoulders, and lumbar support.
Considering the target gamer for this chair, the backrest is reinforced with a strong steel frame hidden under high-density resilience foam.

It reclines between 80 and 150 degrees and is quite sturdy.

If you are about 6’2, 220 pounds with medium shoulders, this chair is for you.
For broad-shouldered gamers, upgrading to SL4000 is an excellent idea.

The chair comes in a wide variety of colors and has premium PU leather finishing for definitive magnificence.

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DXRacer OH/FD101/N Formula Series

Great computer chair for long hours

This is a mid-size racing chair hence built for gamers of up to 5’7 in height and 165 pounds in weight.

Available in 4 different colors, gray, red, blue and white, OH/FD101/N formula Series has an adjustable headrest, lumbar cushion and a backrest that goes up to 135 degrees.

The unique aspect in it is its ability to support your entire spinal column using is slightly higher backrest.
Quite unusual for mid-sized gaming seat!

Its armrest adjusts in only 1-dimension; up and down. It also has a gamer-friendly conventional mechanism.

You will love its finishing, a marriage between the strong mesh and PU leather; worth every penny.

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Clutch Chairz Crank Series Delta Best Gaming seat

Desk Chair For Serious Gaming

Embracing every qualification of being an ergonomic chair, Clutch Chairz manufacturers have outdone themselves in making chairs for mid-size gamers.

Unlike other chairs of this type, the armrests of this chair adjust in 3-dimensions; up or down, forward or rear and also rotates up to 10 degrees to the sides.
That is adequate for every gamer who ever lived.

It also features multi-function mechanism for height adjustment, tilt lock and a tilt of up to 12 degrees.
The entire backrest is fitted with a strong tubular steel frame to make sure your back has adequate support.

Adding in the oversized lumbar and headrest pillows, you are certain to play for hours without rest, interruptions from back pains or posture problems.

Note, the chair is meant for gamers weighing up to 265 pounds. Even with PU leather finishing, the makers are so sure of themselves; they give a lifetime warranty.

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Arozzi Vernazza Series Super Premium Gaming Racing Swivel Chair

High-end ergonomic racing chair for hardcore gamers

If you weigh up to 360 pounds with the potential of being built, this chair is fashioned for you.

The ultra-wide chair comes with huge headrest and lumbar pillows to give you the comfort worth what you have paid for.

Knowing you need to move your arms around in your diehard gaming habit, the armrest adjusts in 6 different ways. Its backrest reclines down to 180 degrees allowing you to take a break after hours of playing.

It has 5 lockable tilt positions and can be tilted up to 12 degrees in whichever position you choose.
You can also adjust its height to suit your height’s demand.

The finishing is that of soft, lavish PU leather, available in six different colors; black, blue, white, red, green and orange.

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Arozzi Verona V2 Advanced Racing Style Gaming Chair

High Quality Pc chair for Gamers

If you are new to the gaming world and wondering what’s going on here, this chair completes the story.
It has all the great characteristics of a luxurious chair but at a pocket-friendly price.

Arozzi has ensured to keep their word –Easy does it- by making this ergonomic chair for excellent comfort.

The chair features a backrest made of a lightweight metal frame covered with high-density foam. It allows you a full 180 degrees recline with rocking function.

The base is done with heavy-duty material for stability and durability. Both the headrest and lumbar pillows are detachable to allow you to use them as you wish.

The seat is height adjustable, and the armrests can move up or down.
It has an easy to clean, beautiful and durable PU leather finishing, giving you hours of smooth feel against your skin.

It comes in 7 colors; white, grey, black, blue, orange, red and green; you are spoilt for choice.

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XRocker Wireless Gaming Chair Reddit

The Gamer’s Chair!

The unique ergonomic design from XRocker beckons you to rock in it.

Though the chair looks a bit bulky, when you sit in it and start playing, you will realize why XRocker had to build it that low.

This isn’t an office chair; it’s built with one thing in mind, gaming!

The chair comes equipped with two headrest speakers and sub-woofer to give you an entirely immersive experience as you indulge in your favorite game.

Its wireless control panel located on the side allows you to connect any audio device you may want to include to make gaming more exciting.

This is the only chair in this list that doesn’t have height restrictions; just rock it!

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Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

Mesh racing chair

Judging for the design, Noblechairs have taken their time to create this one. They made sure it would be comfortable for those it is meant for; gamers who spend over 5 hours doing their thing and weigh about 330 pounds.

The chair is built on a steel frame for total support, cushioned with thick freshly-made cold foam and a soft PU leather finishing inspired by world-class racing cars.

The backrest reclines down to 135 degrees with 11 degrees allowance in rocking. The armrests adjust across 4 dimensions.

Both the headrest and lumbar pillows are detachable. It also has an aluminum foot cross and 2.4’ PU casters that won’t damage your floor at all.

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AmazonBasics classic leather-padded mid-back (Best Budget Chair)

Low-priced office chair

Before you buy this chair, note, it’s an office chair first, but it can double up your game play if you don’t mean to play for more than a few hours a day.

AmazonBasics allows you to adjust its height between 16 inches to 21 inches; enough to accommodate the height of most gamers.

With its armrests fixed, the backrest stays in one position holding in place the slight lumbar support. It is suitable for mid-size gamers.

It has beautiful faux leather finishing with great stitch work made to impress.

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Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style

Excellent chair for maximum relaxation

Ficmax has gone out of their way to craft a chair that your back and feet will be grateful for.

This chair is built for people who need ample space.

First, it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, large cushion seating with thick foam padding and wide back area.

The lumbar pillow gives you a vibratory massage using USB to power on.

The chair height and armrest are adjustable for maximum comfort. It reclines all the way to 180 degrees allowing tilt and can give a 360-degree swivel. For total comfort, use the retractable footrest.

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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The  Steelcase Chair For Office

If you are wondering why this chair is in this list, besides the crazy high price, the sporty shell back of this chair tells you that it can hold you for hours on your virtual racing track.

It is inspired by how you move when you sit in it and is not based on your hip size.
It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and would never pass judgment on a gamer!

You will love this chair for the way it treats your arms; the armrests adopt the tilt of your own hand regardless of the game you are playing; no need for manual adjusting.

Though it doesn’t use a lumbar pillow, the back support is done in such a way to allow you to sit in various positions without harming you.
The chair adjusts to your body type and how you prefer to sit.

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Furmax Gaming High Back Racing Chair

Ergonomic seat for cheap ass gamer!

From the fancy flip over footrest to the tubular steel frame inside, Furmax high back racing chair is made to keep you playing till kingdom come.

The chair gives you ample rocking angle, up to 180 degrees reclining with 3-D spine support allowing you to switch between gaming, binge-watching on Netflix and napping.

It has soft, adjustable armrests and allows up to 3.7” seat height adjustment. Its durability isn’t threatened by its 310 pounds weight capacity; feel free to try it out.

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AutoFull Gaming Chair Mesh Ergonomic High Back Racing Style

Most affordable professional gaming chair

Made by International Pro Leagues’ official authorized official sponsor, Autofull, this chair offers value for your money.

The chair features ergonomic high back, fixed headrest pillow, and detachable lumbar pillow to accommodate tall gamers.

It has a breathable mesh back and eye holes to allow the perfect release of heat generated by your body during long hours of usage.

Where the mesh doesn’t feature, the finishing is done using high-end PU leather.

The backrest reclines between 90 and 170 degrees with the ability to lock at any angle in between. It also allows about 2.7” seat height adjustment.

The combination of SGS level 4 gas lift and a sturdy nylon base allows a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

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AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

Relax the back with Akracing Chair

Comfort aside, this chair allows you to get angry and play.

When the game gets frustrating because you armrests are holding you back from kicking the butt of the bad guy, yank them out!

The AKRacing premium racing chair gives you the right and ability to do exactly that- besides the 4-D armrests adjustability.

The chair assures you of extreme comfort by adding an extra 30% more cold-cure foam to wrap the metal frame.

It also has an advanced mechanism allowing for reclining, rocking, and tilting.

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AKRacing Core Series SX Gaming Chair

Extremely high quality, next-level racing chair

When a superior build is coupled with improved ergonomics in search of long-hours of comfort in a Best gaming chair, this is what you get.

The AKRacing SX series frame is made with strong metal cushioned with cold-cured foam and finishing of top quality PU leather to deliver uncompromised comfort.

Its armrests adjust in 3-dimensions. The chair features a standard mechanism that reclines down to 180 degrees with an adjustable tilt between 3 to 18 degrees; the highest you are likely to get in the market.

It has a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds.
This is among the simplest gamer chairs to assemble.

If you have been keen to note, the issue of weight and height is sensitive to us. Reason being, many gamers ignore those aspects and end up in a bad relationship with their chairs.

Before you buy your next chair, weigh yourself and order for a chair that will accommodate your weight. Know how tall, or short you are. Besides your weight and height, consider these guidelines too.

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Best Gaming Chair Important Features:


Seating Allowance

If you are heavy-set, you need to observe further the seating area of your chair. Your concern here should be its width and depth.
This also applies to people who are tall, so let’s break it down further.

If your weight sits around your hips, avoid chairs with armrests that are firmly attached to the seat and then to the back.

Even if they have the right weight capacity for you, they will limit your movement. The best seat for you is the one that gives you the freedom to wiggle your hips; it gives your hips room to breathe.

Go for chairs that wide seating and have huge lumbar pillows.

For the vertically endowed gamers, your concern should be on the seat depth.
This is the distance between the back of the seat to front; the furthest part your butt can sit to the place where the inner part of your knee rests when in a sitting position.

If your chair isn’t deep enough, your thighs will float in the chair. You will look and feel like your chair is evicting you from own gaming throne.

Deep seats work against short people though; their legs look like they are flying in projectile motion from the chair. Watch out for that short one!

The lesson, since you are going to spend hours in this chair chasing the bad guys and saving lives, you might as well get comfortable about it. Study the seating allowance of the seat you want to buy before paying for it.

Reclining Angle of the Backrest

This may sound controversial especially after including office chairs in the best gaming chairs list above.

Any chair that does not allow you to lean a few degrees past your normal 90 degrees working position may hurt your back if you use it past a few hours a day. Imagine racing while sitting 90 degrees upright for 2 hours. Ouch!

The best chairs have a lock on the side of the seat area that you can use to adjust the backrest from the original 90 degrees. Gaming angles begin at 120 degrees for good gaming chairs.

But some chairs go on to allow you to watch movies at 150 degrees recline. If you have to nap after the game, the chair should recline to 170 or 180 degrees and be able to hold your weight.

Your ideal racing chair should allow you to switch between your many lives; coding, freelance writing, video editing, Netflix affairs, napping and the father of them all!

Each of these lives depends on the wellness of your body, so if you are going to do any of them, do it right with the right chair.

While you are in this neighborhood, you may want to add a footrest to make the whole experience worth your while.

Adjustable Height Gaming Chairs

Not every gaming chair you come across will treat you like the deity your game claims you are.

So if you end up with a chair that suspends your feet halfway in the air, you will end up losing every battle against the Zombies due to discomfort.

It is also uncomfortable to have your knees bent too high because the chair stands too low.

Before you settle for a chair, investigate its height and height adjustability. Check if the height from the ground, when the casters are fitted, to the seat is comfortable for you when you sit.

If it isn’t, find out if you can raise the seat with the height mechanism normally found under the seat in most chairs. Most chairs have between 2” to 4” height adjustability.

Shoulder Space

Have you sat in a chair and felt as if your shoulders were overflowing outside the backrest?

A good photo taken from the back while you sit in that chair would give you a good idea of how awkward the position looks.

Before you buy your gaming chair, make sure your chosen culprit has enough space for your wide shoulders; the backrest width.

Also, consider if the backrest is high enough to accommodate your height; backrest height.

The hugging effect you need from your gaming chair can’t happen if your shoulders go past the vertical edges of the backrest or your head, the top of the chair. Less space ends up hurting your back.

Armrest Adjustability in Gaming Chairs

In the list of chairs above, you have seen chairs that have multiple ways of adjusting the armrests.

As a gamer, your worst nightmare is the chair whose armrests are fixed! Depending on the game at hand, you may experience pains in your shoulders due to wrong positioning of your arms.

A good gaming chair should have height adjustable armrests, on the bare minimum; the 1-Dimension motion.
It allows you to raise or lower the armrest according to your needs in relation to the game you are playing.

Some chairs add to the 1-D, a back and forth motion. Chairs with 3-Dimension adjustability add in a 10-degrees side-to-side swing to the armrest, good for racing and shooting games.

You could also find out if there is a slide in-and-out motion in your armrests. The more the merrier.

Better still, a chair whose armrests allow multiple adjustments including yanking them out is the one to take home tonight.

Before you end the search, test the armrests curve. A good one has a U-shaped curve on the surface allowing your arm to sink into it.

It grips your arm whether the armrest is tilted forward or backward. If you come across armrests that conform to the immediate needs of your arms, as you play, that’s a keeper!

General Padding

This applies to every bit of the chair your body is going to lean on; the backrest, armrests, seat, footrest, and the pillows.
It makes no sense to have to look for alien paddings while you can get a gaming chair that takes care of it by default.

Note, some racing chair are made to accommodate hard-bodied gamers, their paddings don’t break in even in a million hours of usage. Know what you want, you have been warned.

But if you have a curvaceous body that longs for soft padding, opt for high density cushioning. You may want to conduct thorough investigations on your choice chair’s type of cushion. Find out if it gets tough after a year of fair usage.

While in this hood, note that the memory foam molds to your body in response to the heat you generate and pressure you exact, evenly distributing your body weight on the cushion.

Once you leave the chair, the foam returns to its original shape. That means, if you are a lightweight gamer and your chair doesn’t feel warm even after hours of your relationship, you may not like the overall feel.

You may want to go for chairs that don’t depend on such conditions to make you comfy.

Your weight may be a good determinant for the kind of padding that suits you, so before you read a review and ‘find it helpful’ consider weight differences. Remember, one gamer’s padding haven is another one’s nightmare.

Beauty and Cosmetics

This bit is tricky. Some gaming chair manufacturers focus too much on accessories and forget your real needs.

It is easy for most of them to pass the ergonomic test with bare necessities, but after that, their performance is dismal.

Having a massaging lumbar pillow means nothing if its overall size is less than the palm of your hand.
Neither is the presence of a wireless control panel for internal speakers if the chair doesn’t offer you the desired comfort.

Make sure not to fall for the outer beauty of a chair and forget its ability to serve your height and weight needs.

Beauty will never take care of the backache caused by a bad backrest. That then leads to the question, how much of the outer beauty do you need and does it contribute to your comfort?

Decide whether you want to go for a chair with pure leather finishing, polyurethane leather or mesh.

Of course, price is of great importance in such decisions; weigh your thoughts with care. But to make it easy for you, find out if the finishing states that it is breathable; allowing air to pass through.

If it is, you won’t suffer heat when you sit in the chairs for hours. Some chairs have eye holes in the backrest allowing more air circulation which is good for your skin.

Consider also how easy it is to clean the chair. Being honest, the chances of wanting to snack while gaming is at least 101%. Bearing in mind that accidents have no manners, you may end up spilling your coffee, cola or sauce on your chair.

A good gaming chair manufacturer knows this too well and makes it easy for you by using easy to clean finishing material.

They also make sure to advise what kind of detergent is good to use when cleaning your chair.

Where durability is concerned, make sure to study the stitching on the chair if you have a chance to buy it from a physical store, instead of ordering from Amazon or eBay.

Reckless stitching means you will have to redo it soon enough. You have better things to spend your time on than redoing someone’s work.

A well finished gaming chair can last a decade without yielding to wear. That is why the best manufacturers award lifetime warranty to their products; they know their thing. Do you know yours?

When all is said and done, realize that good quality comes at a cost; if comfort is king, cash is the queen.

…Now That You Know

There are hundreds of good chairs to go for as long as you understand what you want and how it looks like.

Besides reading about them here, take your time to try them out. You could connect with other gamers to see and test what they have before forking out money from your wallet to get one.

Gaming is not for loners. It would be sad to see you spending hours in a plastic garden chair in the name of ‘lack of alternatives’ or suffering backache for using the wrong chair.
This best chairs guideline is for you to make use of.

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